Alex And The Lady: Chapter 2 – Alex

Jun 30, 2011 by Airen

Alex And The Lady: Chapter 2 – Alex

What the hell was going on here? Where the hell was he? Why did his head hurt so badly? Alex shifted uncomfortably and realized he was naked. A light flared to his left and he cried out at the shock to his eyes. “Turn that fucking thing off god damn it.” The intensity of the light dimmed and he was able to look around at his prison. He cried out in fright as he realized he was in a cinder block cell. Memories of the stories his father had told him of the prisons in Russia assaulted his already thin control. Where the hell WAS he? He heard a small hiss and felt a slight pinch in his upper thigh and he slipped into unconsciousness cursing softly.

The time passed in a blur of drugs and body care. Alex found it hard to keep track of the days, (or was it weeks?) of his imprisonment. He was washed by a jet spray which cleaned the excrement from the room, fed by a small robot that beeped and whirred at his foul and abusive language, and shaved of all body hair after he had been drugged. The worst part was a side effect of the drug which left him sexually aroused. It was driving him insane, the need to touch himself. His bound arms were left at a natural angle to prevent discomfort but did not allow access to his aching cock.

Alex was in a stupor of need and lingering narcotic when he realized something had changed. The slight hum which had become somehow soothing was gone. He raised his head and froze in shock. The wall of the small cell in front of him was no longer opaque and there were people staring at him. “What the hell? Who are you? Where the hell am I? Get me the fuck out of here damn it!”

One of the men reached forward and spoke into a box on the side of the window, “Begin phase two.” Alex screamed in rage as he heard the servo arm move forward, the hypodermic needle dripping it’s foul venom just inches from his bound thigh. He went rigid and then slumped forward dazed by the fast acting drug. The walls of his cell lit with a soft pink light and scenes from porn movies were played there. He felt his cock stiffen and cursed softly. He knew they were watching his humiliation, and he knew he was powerless to stop them.

The tiny robot which was his only companion in the cell moved forward and extended a furred sleeve. Alex screamed “NO!” as the warm, soft sleeve slid over his twitching erection. It tightened and another clamp held his chin immobile forcing him to watch the scenes of sex on the walls in front of him. The sleeve pulsed and moved around his tortured cock and he knew it was only a matter of time. He would orgasm for these sick freaks and he could only imagine how they would laugh in triumph. He resisted with all the fervor of his 21 years of celibacy. His blue eyes grew increasingly dark with his struggle. My god how good it felt to have something ANYTHING touching that part of him. NO he couldn’t think of that now. Oh GOD it was growing slick and wet. The sleeve began to slide slowly up and down his shaft. It was too much and Alex groaned his defeat. The sperm sample was collected and he was left sticky and humiliated. The audience clapped politely and the opacity returned to the wall.

Things began to be very strange for Alex now. All his life he had ascribed to the idea of one mate for every man, stay pure and wait for her to reveal herself. Of course, that didn’t stop a guy from watching a bit of porn now and then but moderation in all things, right? Now his mind was drenched in sex. The need for it pervaded every pore. He began to wonder if those people watching were enjoying his torment, slowly over time he began to hope for it. He began to NEED to be watched. He ached for it, all of his previous self conscious behavior was stripped away from him and he was left wanting only to make these people watch him, enjoy him, USE him. That last thought startled him but he was unaware of the subliminals that were chipping away at his morals.

“That one is resisting with his whole being.” The cold voice sounded vaguely approving. “He is a rather lovely specimen and will command a large price.” She was pleased with this acquisition. He was tall, somewhere in the realm of 6 feet 3 inches, broad shouldered and very well built. The muscle conditioning had hardened him into chiseled beauty. The small soft belly was gone replaced by ripped bands of thick muscle. His facial features were sharp and well defined, his skin was smooth and blemish free thanks to the skin treatments given to him while under sedation. His captors were short of stature and mildly afraid of his strength but the slave market demanded these beautifully formed men. The slave pens couldn’t produce them fast enough so these people scoured the universe looking for them.

The small woman licked her lips and stared in fascination at the large cock thrust in her direction. By this point in his training the slave didn’t need anything to touch his cock for it to discharge it’s milky fluid, he just needed an audience. “Will he be able to control himself? A slave that releases at every provocation will not be of much use and require extensive training.” She turned and looked at the slave trainer.

This was a new system and untried, though it was yielding good results so far. “The slave will be able to feel shame, and exert control. He is simply conditioned to desire sexual conduct and his nerves are attuned to achieving that state of arousal with just a word, or a touch.” The scientist, as he liked to think of himself, turned off the machine and let his exhausted prisoner drift off to sleep. “I predict that he will look at this experience as a pleasant memory when he learns what will be expected after this.”

Alex flexed the muscles in his arms and prepared to use the machine that had been brought into his cell. It was hard work but it passed the time. His captors had let him know that if he didn’t work out and eat the crap they fed him he would simply be drugged and force fed while electrodes forced condition into his muscles. A few painful trials were enough for him to get the point.

He worked out and then ate the raw vegetables and lean meat set on the table before him. He no longer saw every item brought into the room as a tool of escape. He rarely thought about escape, in fact, he rarely thought at all anymore. He was no longer drugged and was allowed to stimulate himself as long as it was done only when the freaks were watching. He had been gassed and tied for hours of wrenching torture, doubled over staring at his cock while dangling from the ceiling the last time he had dared to do more than scratch an itch at his crotch. He had gotten the point. No sex unless it was approved. He supposed it was like growing up at home really, rules upon rules governing his cock.

An aperture opened in the wall and a strange machine slid into the room. The viewing wall became transparent and he was motioned to examine the device. He walked over and placed his feet on the imprints of feet in the mat. A bar was snugged up to his stomach and he was motioned to lean over it and grasp the other bar somewhat lower. The robot moved over with a small whirring sound and bound his hands to the bar. His feet were similarly bound and Alex was startled to realize he felt almost no fear just a slight tingling in his balls. The machine began to hum softly and he felt his ass cheeks spread gently. NOW the fear hit like a punch to the gut. “You bastards can’t do this. Stop this right now goddamn it. NO!” Oh yes, he knew what was next and he felt the helpless tears cloud his vision as a probe swung into place behind him.

“He has not resisted anything in weeks, Doctor. I have no idea why he is so upset. Surely an anal exam was done on his world to check health…..” The scientists voice trailed off into puzzled silence. “In some cultures the anal passage is considered dirty and not used in seeking pleasure. Perhaps this explains his reluctance to be measured.” The doctor remained quiet and watched the read out from his hand held link up.

Alex screamed his fury as the slick probe was pushed up his backside. Why were they doing this to him? He was trembling and straining at his restraints. His muscles began to cramp and he was forced to relax or cause himself extreme pain. He longed to be able to ignore the pain and tear his arms from their sockets in order to free himself, but the subliminal messages he had received restricted his ability to cause himself permanent injury. He could fight, but he could not kill himself, or his captors. These people had learned early on that this was a good precaution when working with unknown mindsets.

He realized that the probe was not moving and was actually very slender, it caused only slight discomfort. He hung his head and gave himself up to the machine. His chin was lifted and he was forced to look at this captives who recoiled slightly from the hatred in his eyes. “You choose to let machines do the dirty work for you, you bastards. If you give me one chance to get at you I’ll rip your limbs off and chew your throats out for this. I will shove my cock so far up your asses it’ll come out the top of your skulls you rat bastard FREAKS!”
The Doctor looked up and gave a small laugh. “It would seem that your perfectly trained human cannot stand to allow an audience to his humiliation.” “I cannot understand this,” the scientist began in the high pitched voice the doctor hated, “He should have been grateful for the audience and aroused by our attention.” The Doctor sighed softly and said, “You clearly do not have enough information about human males then. You can see by his cock that he’s aroused by the audience. He is simply denying the pleasure and fueling his anger with it.”

Alex exhaled sharply as he felt the probe begin to swell inside him. It was slow and he was allowed to grow used to the thing before it began expanding again. Oh God, this was what they meant by relax and push back. Alex laughed bitterly, he was teetering on the edge of hysteria. How big would this thing get? It already felt like a baseball bat. God his cock was rock hard, it should be soft. He wasn’t a fag for fuck’s sake. He was NOT enjoying this at all damnit. The thing began to increase size again and he squeezed his eyes shut and fought not to beg these assholes. He would NOT beg, he would NOT give them the thrill of hearing him plead for release. His asshole felt as though they were driving a car into it. Suddenly the pain was intense, he screamed and felt the darkness stealing over his vision.

The probe began to withdraw but not to deflate. It went on for what seemed hours, then it was over. He gasped and hung from the restraints as he felt his gaping asshole close reluctantly and begin to return to normal size. The robot whirred over and removed the shackles. Alex fought to get his legs to obey his command to move. He wobbled to the bed and fell across it on his stomach. His whole body shook from the effort and unbidden the tears came. Why was this happening?

“He will never be able to be a gentleman’s servant. Years of poor diet have decreased the elasticity of his colon. He can however be a pleasure slave and he seems perfectly suited to serve in that capacity. You say you got him off Terra Prime?” The Doctor look inquiringly at the slavers. One of them nodded. “We also took a few females, they are further down the hold.” The group moved away and the wall in Alex’s cell turned slowly opaque.

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