Back to School Party Wrap-Up!

Sep 21, 2011 by

Back to School Party Wrap-Up!

Hey folks! If you don’t already know about our holiday parties, let me give you a quick lesson. They don’t meet for every holiday, but during our Holiday Party Planning meetings we talk about when these parties should be and what should happen during them. That’s right, you guys get to help plan the holiday parties!

This party was definitely a great time to be had. Sure, we didn’t set records like some of our previous parties did, but everybody enjoyed themselves. There were even prizes to be won! Kindred won himself the Anal Health and Pleasure book, while FaerieLove won the Lina vibrator, and Cujo467 won the book Sex: How to do Everything. On top of those fantabulous prizes, there was some super interesting trivia as well, like according to How Products are Made, before the predecessor to the modern rubber eraser was invented in the late 1770s, Old World writers used bread to erase their scribbling. We also learned that kickball, a combination for baseball and soccer, was originally called “Kick Baseball” and according to documents from the National Recreation Association, the game was invented in 1917 by Nicholas C. Seuss in Cincinnati, OH. If you want to learn more and catch up on everything else you may have missed, you should most definitely read back through the thread.

We’ll be holding a party towards the end of October for Halloween as well. If you’d like to help plan it, you should be at our next Holiday Party Planning Meeting on Tuesday, October 4th. If you just want to give input on the date, check out this poll and cast your vote there!

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