Bamboo Kitchen Tools

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Bamboo Kitchen Tools
Let’s be frank here.  We all like toys with multiple uses.  Well, I’ve got the implementation to blow you away.  Do you like to see your submissive with a delicious cherry red ass, tits, or thighs?  Oh, stop it, I know you do!  And speaking of “delicious,” do you also like to cook?  Well, look no further, because I bring you the Bamboo Kitchen Tools set.

These implements are used for a variety of things.  All 5 pieces can be used to spank and tease your submissive.  With different shapes and cut outs, you can choose the spoon or spatula that speaks to you most.  It’s also used for scrambling eggs, stirring sauces, mixing Kool Aid, or serving salads.  (That’s serving salads, not tossing them!)

As for the materials, I’ve got great news for you who are interested in the preservation of our environment.  Since these are made of bamboo, a very renewable wood source, this is the ultimate in “green” wood tools!  I don’t know what they’re varnished with, so I wouldn’t recommend these for any kind of insertion, but since you can clean them in the dishwasher, they do get pretty clean.  I wouldn’t call them sterile, however.

Each utensil is approximately 14 inches long, and has a long handle.  This gives you a good amount of room to decide where on the handle you want to hold the implement.  Where you hold it will determine the amount of force and sting you can achieve.  Closer to the head of the utensil will deliver a lesser sting and is good for light spanking of more sensitive areas.  However, if you hold it near the end of the handle, you can deliver quite the painful blow!  Who ordered the red ass?  Oh wait, that’d be me!

I’ve owned a set of these utensils for over 3 years and I’m amazed at the durability!  No cracks, no chips, nothing.  They look as good as the day I bought them!  Depending on where you pick these up, they’re a great price too!  Under $10 for FIVE (5) tools!  And the uses, as I described above, make these an investment!    Pick these up wherever you pick up kitchen utensils!

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  1. Vaccinium

    Very well done, BBWTT. I’ll be coming to visit soon so you can show me how they work. ;)

  2. LOL! I have an Amish butter paddle that is wonderful for…..well, you can guess.

  3. It’s funny that I wrote this, because last night the slotted spoon came out.

  4. AirenWolf

    LOL MY mother used to use these on us when we were kids! They work great for that as well and you don’t have to hide em when the folks come visitin’

  5. newlady

    :) funny!

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