Comics and the Movies

Jul 14, 2011 by

Comics and the Movies

Recently we went to see The Green Lantern in theaters. It got me thinking, are movies really even anything unique anymore? It seems like every month, comic book character movies are being released.

While The Green Lantern was alright, it was predictable, like most superhero movies. The guy gets super powers, fights the bad guy, gets the girl, and goes home happy. I would have been more interested if they had maybe switched it up a little.

I hardly go to theaters to see movies anymore. I usually wait until I can rent it on DVD. That way, if I’m disappointed in the movie, I can just turn it off, rather than feeling bad about spending around $15 to walk out of the theater.
Another thing: sequels. I was wondering throughout the fourth Saw movie when the guy would actually die and people would stop being tortured. Sometimes sequels just make it drag on and you wonder if the guys making these films are thinking only of money, rather than the enjoyment people will get out of the movie. The only movie series I have seen that is unique in each movie is Resident Evil. Each movie has a different plot, different characters, and different scenery. Why can’t all sequels be like that?

Just for once, I’d like to see a superhero movie where the hero dies in the end, doesn’t get the girl, or maybe isn’t even interested in girls.

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