Eden Arts and Crafts

Hosted by Miss Debauchery

Are you an artist? A crafter? A creative soul? Are you someone who appreciates creative endeavors? The Eden Arts and Crafts Club is just the place for you.

This club isn’t just for people who classify themselves as artists, it is for anyone who does anything creative, whether you’ve had artwork in galleries, or you are just getting into art. This club is also the place for those who enjoy creativity and what these talented community members have to offer. It is a place to showcase your creativity, get new ideas, learn new skills, be challenged, and do something positive. The club will be focusing on a wide variety of art topics and styles such as fine art, yarn arts, sewing, jewelry making, culinary arts, and just about anything that takes some creativity to do. It’s all up to you how you choose to let your creative juices flow.

Each month, we will pick a new medium to explore. These will be a lot like workshops. The great thing about having such a diverse community is that members who are skilled in that particular medium can offer advice and assistance to those who are beginning to dabble in it. Always wanted to learn how to knit or crochet? How about sewing? Photography? Jewelry making? This club will help you to broaden your horizons as an artist. We will also be featuring a member of the community in the Artist Spotlight event. This will help us get to get to know each other better. The member will be given an interview about their creative endeavors, and we will feature some of their artwork on the blog. We will also agree on an assignment topic. The assignment will be open to all types of art. After the participants have submitted their assignments, we will vote to pick a winner. We aren’t going to be judging on artistic ability, as this club is more creativity based. We will be looking for the member who we think was the most creative so that all members have a fair chance regardless of their artistic ability so that the club is fair to everyone. This will be a lot like the rumble for reviews.

On a weekly basis, we will have mini projects in the Inspiration Station that will help you to think outside the box and help your inspiration flow. We can share these projects with each other and see how everyone interpreted the topic. These are less serious than the contests, as they are mostly for fun and offer a launching pad to get you in a creative mindset. We will also have a weekly wrap-up that showcases the highlights of that week and lets you know what to expect in the upcoming weeks.

As this club matures, I expect it to transform. I plan on finding ways to help us connect outside of the community. There is a lot of room for different activities for us to embark upon. I do plan on finding ways for us to connect with charities and fundraisers as a way of using our talents for good. I am open to any suggestions, comments, or feedback. You can email me at pinsandneedlesdesign (at) hotmail [dot] com or take advantage of the messaging system. The club introduction and weekly posts will further explain the logistics of the club, as well as the deadlines for contests.

I am incredibly excited about the number of you who are interested in getting your creative juices flowing and are interested to see the talent of our diverse community.

Eden Arts and Crafts: First Meeting!

Posted by on Sep 7, 2011 in Eden Arts and Crafts | 0 comments

Hello everyone! The Eden Arts and Crafts Club is finally up and running and we’re ready for our first official meeting! Our first meeting will be Sunday, September 11, 2011 at 10:00pm EST. I’m looking forward to seeing you all there! As of the moment, this will be the usual time for our meeting unless we decide that a better time would me more suitable for everyone. The first meeting will basically be a meet and greet for everyone interested in the club, and our artists and creative individuals out there. I will be there to answer any of...

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