EdenCooks: October Wrap-up

Oct 27, 2011 by

EdenCooks: October Wrap-up

A great seventh meeting of Eden Cooks was hosted on the forum last Monday the 17th of October. Everyone who attended walked away with a fantastic fall recipe for English muffins, and the skills to turn any vegetable soup to a hearty, healthy chowder. Thank you to everyone who came and participated, and I hope everyone will be able to come next month as well. Invite your friends—we are always happy to have new faces join us.

As always, this meeting featured a step-by-step recipe instruction including pictures. All the attendees, and everyone who read through the meeting later, got to toss around ideas for ingredient substitutions for dietary preferences. English muffins are a classic staple which can be cooked up easily to suit your diners’ tastes, and corn chowder is bursting opportunities to show off your skills!

Two gift cards generously donated by EdenFantasys were also awarded during the proceedings. ‘Macho99’ won for correctly answering a trivia question about the harvest season of corn, and ‘Kkay’ won for guessing the lesser known kitchen implement of the month—a Foley food mill.

Looking forward to our next meeting, there will be a delicious recipe and lots of fun to be had. Our next meeting will be on the second Monday of November, and I hope to see you all there! Until then, be sure to check out this month’s Iron Chefs of Eden challenge in the forum, featuring the seasonal-but-not-cliche pecans and squash.

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