EdenFlicks: Should you trust movie reviews?

Jun 29, 2011 by

EdenFlicks: Should you trust movie reviews?

Reviews on just about anything can be found online, from businesses to household products. People love to get their opinion out there for all else to read. However, how reliable can a review be taken, especially when personal taste is taken into consideration?

Today when I turned on my TV, the movie “Date Night”, starring Steve Carel and Tina Fey, was playing on one of the Starz channels. I was only intending to sit and watch TV for maybe half an hour before I went about what I needed to do today. However, I soon became immersed in the movie and ended up watching the whole thing. It was funny, and really seemed to play along the lines of what life becomes after marriage and kids. The one night a week deemed “Date Night” gone wrong.

After the movie was over, I checked it out on Amazon.com to see how much it was selling for, and what other people had to say about it. I know some of my friends said it was a terrible movie. A lot of reviewers on Amazon stated the same in their reviews. Some were upset that this is PG-13, when it apparently should be rated R. Which brings me to think, should we really trust a review on movies and music?

Everyone is different. Everyone finds different things scary or funny. Some people may not find “the scariest movie ever” scary, and some may end up with nightmares. So, really, when reading a review on a movie, the author’s words should be taken with a grain of salt. I have enjoyed countless movies that others have told me were awful. I have also sat through movies I disliked, though others found enjoyable.

I suppose, really, we should start determining on our own if we will enjoy a movie or not. Why avoid a movie because your best friend didn’t like it? At least give it a chance before dismissing it as unentertaining.

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  1. While I will check out reviews before watching a film, I mainly do it to get a general idea of what the film is about and the quality of it. There have been MANY films with low ratings/bad reviews that I’ve enjoyed so I definitely agree!

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