EdenLit: October Announcement

Oct 7, 2011 by

EdenLit: October Announcement

The next meeting of the Eden Lit Writers Club will be held on October 10, 2011 at 7pm and last until approximately 9 pm. The first hour of the meeting we will discuss the work submitted by our members on the topics we chose at our last meeting. The topics are:

  • Spooky, Scary and Utterly erotic!- That’s right, you guessed it! All the things that go bump in the night is our October theme. Not, perhaps, totally original but I bet our stories will be!!
  • Tattoos- How do you feel about body art? Do you love it? Hate it? Secretly lust after it? Do you have a wonderful story to share about your particular body decorations? Did it hurt? All about tattoos is the theme, tell us all about it!
  • Open Topic- For the love of writing. Tell us what’s on your mind, in your heart and firing your undies!

Check out the way our authors interpret the topics and come to our meeting to give us some feedback, suggestions and help choose the topics.

Keep in mind that the Eden Lit Writers club isn’t a club solely for writer’s of erotica it is for everyone who loves to write, or to read!

The second hour of the meeting will be tiefor the club members to discuss our book project. We have set a deadline for submissions for October 31, 2011 so this will be the last Month we will be gathering material. The coming Months we will be busy with choosing the stories, and poems that will be published in our very own book! Come on by and see what we are up to.

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