EdenLit: October Wrap-up

Oct 20, 2011 by

EdenLit: October Wrap-up

Happy Halloween from the Eden Lit Writers Club!

What is the club about? Well, I’m gad you asked. The Eden Lit Writers Club is for writers who simply love to write. We are poets, essayists, erotica writers, speakers and readers. Yes, we welcome any and all readers, afterall what is the point of writing if no one is gonna read it?

Is there a membership ritual that must be performed before you can call yourself an Eden Lit member? Heck no! Just write us a little something, preferably 300 words or more (unless you are an avid poet…300 words might be too unweildy for the average poem!) and send it on in to Rayne (Rayne at edenfantasys.com). Simple as that. If you are kind enough to allow us to post your original, previously unpublished work we will send you a $10 GC for each piece submitted up to 3 per month. You are welcome to host your work on your own blog and get a link posted on the Eden Blog if you give rayne a sort of teaser about your piece. Just be sure to get the work in by the deadline which is usually 2 weeks before the scheduled meeting.

Ofcourse if you just wanna read the pieces and give us some feedback then join us at the meeting and let us know what you think.

Speaking of meetings, our last meeting was a great success. We discussed all the wonderful work our members did. “The Wolf” by Lady Dream Kitten had us all squirming with it’s vivid imagery and stark eroticism. I related how “Bias and Prejudice” actually came to me in a dream. We ached with Katheryn Hale after reading her “Food Fight” which she told us was about eating disorder. We also realized that most of us have a love of the Discovery Channel and other learning type programming stations. Katheryn Hale told us how she became attracted to lycanthropy in her story, “Lunatic”. It seems the Discovery Channel is owed some thanks!

Our deadline for submissions to the Book Project is looming fast. October 31, 2011 will be the last day to turn in any material for consideration for the book. Send any work directly to me (airenwolf at yahoo.com) that you’d like to see considered. All other Monthly submission should be sent to Rayne before the October 24, 2011 deadline.

What are the topics for the November meeting? This Month should see some very thoughtful pieces:

  • Gratitude- This can be what you are grateful for or what you believe people should be grateful for. All about gratitude, tell us your take on the topic.
  • Pilgrimage- Have you experienced a pilgrimage? Do you like and want to share the history of the pilgrimage? This topic is one of discovery.
  • Open Topic- Our perenial favorite the open topic. Writing for the sake of writing.

Our next meeting will be on November 07, 2011 at 7pm EST. We look forwrd to seeing you there!

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