EdenLit: September Wrap-Up

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EdenLit: September Wrap-Up

On Monday the 12th of September the Eden Lit Writers Club met for it’s first two hour meeting! I admit I was worried that we wouldn’t be able to fill two hours but I was happy to be wrong.

The first hour we spent discussing the excellent work done by our very talented writers. The topic that came up most was how we have the perception that our club is an erotica writing club but in reality we tackle all aspects of life, frequently with an erotic twist!

We discussed how catharctic it can be to write about really tough subjects and how even more healing it can be to actually hear from our readers about how the work moved them; frequently to tears!

Our writers tackled the Adult Birthday; you know the one where you suddenly realize you are an adult and the results were surprising. We came to the conclusion that once you stop thinking about and striving towards adulthood it’s suddenly there. Very philosophical, no?

To read more about what we discussed check out our meeting forum: http://www.edenfantasys.com/sex-forum/clubs/edenlit/eden-lit-writers-club/ perhaps you were also touched by our stories and would like to add to the discussion.

The second half of the meeting was devoted to the book project we are working on, and MAN did the conversation take off! We decided that October 31, 2011 will be the last day we will accept submissions for the book. Soon after that we will begin the voting process so please send your work in on time!!

The club is growing and we have many more people sending in their work so we have shortened the deadline by one week to allow Rayne some extra time to get our work posted in a sane fashion before the meeting. Please note that if your work is submitted on the day of the deadline it may not make it onto the blog before we meet so try to give Rayne some time to schedule it in! We have many clubs all using the same blog so we have to space out the workload. The deadline is a full two weeks before the meeting night which should allow for major growth of our club and an amazing blog.

This Month’s topics are:

*Spooky, Scary and Utterly erotic!- That’s right, you guessed it! All the things that go bump in the night is our October theme. Not, perhaps, totally original but I bet our stories will be!*Tattoos- How do you feel about body art? Do you love it? Hate it? Secretly lust after it? Do you have a wonderful story to share about your particular body decorations? Did it hurt? All about tattoos is the theme, tell us all about it! *Open Topic- For the love of writing. Tell us what’s on your mind, in your heart and firing your undies!

The deadline for submissions for the October meeting is Sept 26, 2011.

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  1. BOYAH!!!! I am thrilled to be back to normal and participating in the EdenLit Club!!! I forgot how much fun it is!!!!

  2. AirenWolf

    OH YA and we are glad to ave you back! Now get to writing!!!

    • I am! I am!!! You should see the doozey I am working on right now! Should have a bunch of it ready for next months meeting.

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