Hallows night

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Hallows night

Watching the children come and go for their bits of candy had always amused Tessa. Every year she dressed the part of a witch to hand out the candy. This year was different. This year she was restless. She was dreaming often of a man with wings. He was an intriguing man with a body that only a young lady could dream about. He was full of strength and set on pleasure. The only rational explanation was the thought that there would be someone exciting dressed as some bird or an angel for Halloween. Perhaps some child’s father taking the kids out or maybe a part of the group of college students that always wondered around laughing and scaring the children.

On the off chance this man actually existed she decided she would tempt him to every possible whim she had dreamt of. She’d never played the part of a temptress but this year she had taken much preparation. This year she was ready for something more than handing out candy to the neighborhood kids. This year her hair was a perfect arrangement of cascading curls decorated with jewels, her makeup was alluring, both her nails and toes were painted beautifully. She wore four inch heels, fish net garters, a tight black leather mini skirt; a sexy black bra covered with a sheer dressing of a shirt and topped off with a leather studded collar with matching bracelets. If the children noticed they didn’t say or act any differently. The parents smiled and chatted amongst themselves. None of them fit any degree of the man in her dreams. The college students didn’t show up this year either. By the end of the night Tessa stared at the empty front steps. She had been sure there was something special about tonight but like so many others she stood alone sighing into the wind. Turning with the last few bars still in the bowl she moved quietly inside and turned off her outside light. Setting her bowl on the table she removed her collar and bracelets before moving quietly through the dark to her bedroom.

“I was beginning to wonder if you were coming back in at all. It’s been an hour since the last kids came to your door.”

Startled Tessa slammed back into the door and hit the light switch on. There he stood. This was the man from her dream. He was dressed in white with bits of silver here and there. He had wings – dear god he actually looked like an angel. “You seem to have misplaced your halo. How did you get in here?”

He smiled then. Enough to make her fears melt away. “I don’t think a halo is in need of service this night and my sweet darling Tessa, you invited me in.” He moved towards her now slowly and confidently. Tessa straightened and held her hand up to keep him at bay. “You are afraid of me?”

“I’m not accustomed to strange men showing up in my dreams and then in my bedroom.”

He took her hand into his turning it to place a kiss on the inside of her palm. “I am Gabe not a stranger any longer and you are my sweet temptress.” His eyes raked her body then he pulled her to him circling her waist. “I am here to make our dreams come true.” His eyes were smoldering and his body was warm and enticing. Tessa closed her eyes tightly. Surely she had crashed on the bed and was now dreaming again.

Gabe’s hands roamed her body and she found herself willing to allow anything he may wish. With soft kisses and gentle hands she relaxed against his body. He stripped her of her shirt then disposed of his own. She reveled at his hard plains and solid abs. She pulled him close to feel his chest against her own. He swept his tongue between her lips playing an intimate game of cat and mouse. Stepping back he let his hands run down her bear arms. Goosebumps followed his touch. Quietly he moved to his knees. Carefully he lifted her foot removing one of her heels then placed a kiss on top her stocking clad foot. He performed the service again with the other shoe. Once done his hands followed her fishnets to the top of her garter where his tongue lapped at the edges. Before he reached more interesting territory he stopped and stood before her. “You could tempt an angel’s very soul.” Swinging her into the air he laid her on the bed stripping away the rest of his clothing.

Her eyes closed on the sight of him naked. Tessa feared the look of possession she had seen in his eyes. Never before had anyone looked at her in such a way.

Gabe laughed to himself. He took so much pleasure in her sweetness. She was no virgin but she was tender, young and so beautiful. Slipping a breast from her bra he rolled her nipple between his forefinger and thumb. Blowing his warm breath across it created tight beading. His moist wet lips caused a longing moan to escape Tessa’s lips. The gentle adhesion and soft suckling had her arching to press more firmly against his mouth. Eagerly he removed her bra and mini skirt before returning to the task of sharing his attention with her other breast. His hand moved in slow caressing circles down her abdomen. Circling her belly button his mouth followed. Tessa squirmed as he dipped his tongue into her belly button. He continued his path with his hand until he cupped her heated mound. He gently caressed her allowing his fingers to open her delicate folds of sensitive heaven. Moving up he claimed her lips again as he continued his patient invasion. Gabe cradled her tightly whispering incoherent things as his fingers stretched, opened and dipped inside her.

She was more than ready for him. She was wet and eager in her quiet moans but he intended to make her scream. Removing his hand from her she whimpered opening her eyes. Slowly he slid down between her legs with kisses trailing the way. As he situated himself he let his eyes travel over Tessa’s beauty. From her jeweled curling hair, wide questioning eyes, cheeks flared pink, trembling lips, her soft tender neck, gorgeous white globes with their tantalizing hard nipples, and flat creamy belly, to her tightly curled triangle of dark hair pointing the way to oblivion. He knew she shivered not from any chill but his slow appraising inspection of her and it brought a smile to his lips. This anticipation may very well be torture. Carefully he slid his hands up the insides of her thighs. Using both hands he opened her. Completely exposed for his view her body shuddered as she breathed in fast shallow breaths. His own voice, rough with desire he whispered, “Absolutely magnificent.” Then he dipped his head allowing his mouth to follow the path his hands had taken. Tessa whimpered with every kiss almost coming unglued as she breathed hard and clutched the quilt. “Shh, easy my love.” Gabe’s fingers eased into her both calming and exciting her. Her eyes closed tightly as he continued to move his mouth over the center of her with soft kisses, possessive licking and gentle suckling. Tessa felt like she was drowning in a sea of sensations. As Gabe increased his intensity his tongue, mouth and fingers drove her to the brink of insanity. Giving herself over to abandon her hips rocked, nails dug frantically into the quilt and an uncontrolled cry left her.

Cradling her trembling body to him Gabe kissed her bare shoulder and neck whispering against her skin. He held her close until her body eased. Running a strong hand up her back he put a bit of space between them. He claimed her mouth with need and desire. “I want you Temptress. No, I need you.” He moved on top of her easing between her legs. He carefully moved into her. Pressing, stretching and filling her. He held her firmly covering her mouth with his. Lust, desire and intense need built and built to a crescendo with every moaning thrust.

Then he pulled away. Moving to stand next to the bed he pulled Tessa to the edge, wrapping his arms around one leg he slammed back into her with deep and hard thrusts. There were no words. Nothing seemed logical. A need stronger than anything she had ever known shook her body. He took her hard then completely lost in their desire and passion. Together they found pleasure. Tessa came in a series of screams and convulsions and Gabe, in a fierce primal release. Stated and exhausted they laid together in a tangle of quilt, arms and legs.

Gabe moved first sliding off the bed as Tessa watched him. His wings…they were protruding from his back. Pulling away she stared confused. “Gabe?”

“Oh it’s too late to look at me as if I were a monster.” Gabe stood glaring at her. “Have I not fulfilled your dreams?” He opened his wings fully then relaxed them again.

“What are you Gabe? I…I thought it was a costume but…” Tessa pulled the quilt over her.

He moved with a purpose coming to stand next to her. He touched her hair as if she were a fragile porcelain doll. “If you expect me to be some angel of mercy you are kidding yourself. I have no halo if you are still looking. None of the fallen do.”

Tessa pulled the quilt tighter around herself. “I don’t understand. Fallen?”

“The Devil’s Imp.” He sat next to her pulling her close against her will. “My sweet love, you are almost to darling to use in so base a need.”

“I don’t understand,” Tessa’s voice was just a whisper. She looked into his eyes fearful of what she saw there.

“Yes, you do.” His mouth brushed hers gently as his hand moved to her throat. He brushed her hair softly gaining purchase. “You know I must kill you.”

“Please.” Her words were stopped with the closing of her windpipe. She pushed hard at him but his grip only tightened. She thrashed wildly against him clawing at the hand squeezing her neck. Abruptly he released her. Tessa scrambled away from him gasping for air.
Turning away he spoke irritated, “You will live but you will serve me and only me.” Tessa pressed herself against the headboard afraid to make a sound. After dressing he turned back to her. His expression looked pained. “We take our orders and do our deeds but tonight you have reminded me of a passion I have not known in years. Tonight you became my slave and my future. I will come and go as I please and you will always be ready for me. I will never again wait for you.” He pulled her from the bed to stand against him in the circle of his arms. Tears flooded her eyes and she trembled violently. “I will remain the man of your dreams and will treat you in kind but you must never speak of this night or any other to another living soul.” His mouth claimed her again tasting her tears and fear. “Sleep.”

Tessa opened her eyes to the morning sunlight flowing in the opened curtains. It was a dream. It was all a dream. A crazy dream filled with ecstasy and pleasure as well as fear and horror. She could still remember the feel a man’s body touching her. Seeing all those children dressed up as ghosts and goblins must have made her conjure insane thoughts when she hit the sheets. Getting out of bed Tessa moved in front of the dressing mirror. Illness took her breath as she saw the bruises on her neck.

“They will fade away I promise.” Gabe was in the reflection. “Come to me.”

Shaking Tessa stood and turned to her fate.

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