Inner Workings of a Woman

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Inner Workings of a Woman

Sitting there at her desk, her long auburn hair flowing over her shoulders. Her hand holding up her head, her green eyes glaze over behind the brown metal frame of her glasses. Her chest heaving when she sighs. In her right hand, her red marking pen falls to the desk, breaking the silence of her class.

Her full red lips curl into a knowing smile as she straightens her back, picks up her pen and resumes marking. Scribbling the teacher’s age-old response of “Keep up the good work!” across the top of the page, she puts the paper on the very small pile of marked papers and returns to the very big pile of unmarked ones.

Biting her lower lip, her eyes move to the clock that seems to slowly keep the beat of life. Only sixty-four minutes… then I can go!!! Tick… Tick… Tick… It continues its beat, as her knees part wider while her hand reaches for the hem of her skirt pulling it up over her thighs. Gently tracing her fingers nails over her inner thigh, leaving a trail of gooseflesh, she shivers in anticipation.

Clit hardening, she feels her pussy contract, she can smell her musk and feel her juices spill from within.

Her fingers stop their dance upon her thigh, reaching for her purse; she finds her keys and fumbles at the lock on her desk drawer. Ahhhhhh! Yes! Open sesame! Her drawer opens, she finds a finger vibrator, slipping it on, sneaking her hand lower, and flicking the red butterfly on with her thumb, placing the softly humming toy on her knee. Gently letting it circle.

Her touch feather light, it dances up her inner thigh, she squirms in her chair. Whimpers barely audible, her fingers sneaking higher up her thigh. Her thumb digging in, pushing her drenched knickers aside, her smooth outer lips glistening with her sweet nectar, her delicate inner lips, a soft purplish pink, a beautiful contrast to her simple green striped thong.

She gasps as her fingers softly brush over her lips.

Her free hand on her desk, she hears the hum of her butterfly, her fingers pushing down upon the thick pile of unmarked papers, crinkling while her nostrils flare as she inhales that sweet musky scent of a woman’s arousal.

The clock upon the wall still ticks away, the beat of time a never ending constant.

The tip of her long middle finger sliding over her slit, the hand on her desk clenching a poor student’s test paper being balled up in her fist. Her finger pushing past the soft and gentle crease that parts her lower lips, sliding over her protruding inner lips, gasping, and her hand crinkles that students paper into a tight little ball, her back hard against the chair, she pushes her body to the edge of her chair, parting her thighs wider while the butterfly hums delicately over her slit.

Her lower lip between her pearly whites, her middle finger just barely hidden between these hidden lips, the red butterfly floating along her slit, she gasps as her finger takes on a mind of its own and buries itself to its knuckle.

The butterflies head disappears between her soft moistened lips, her body jumps when the antennas straddle her inner lips while the pad of her finger slides into her box.

Gasping between her moans, she feels she is close. Her hips squirm as she pulls her finger back letting the butterfly for the first time hum upon her clit.

Her nipples as solid as rose buds against the confines of her bra, her chest heaves with each breath, her button up blouse pulled taut across her bosom, in her hand that student’s paper is a wreck.

The butterfly taps her clit, hard then soft, pulsating on it. The soft hum mixed with the sound of a solid object again soft and wet flesh fill the room. Her soft feminine moans, betraying her frustration.

She gasps as she feels a hand upon her ankle. Slowly it begins to slide up her shin. Warm breath on her inner knee makes her squirm even more, her middle finger pushing into her, the butterfly landing on her clit.

This strange mouth and fingers slip up higher. Fingers hooking themselves around the waistband of her panties, pulling them down, she moves her body to accommodate these hands. These hands push her knees wider apart, and she feels a tongue lick up along her slit and over her finger, which she then removes. A soft male groan rises up from between her legs.

This unknown stranger has her excited, nervous, wondering who it might be. Rising her finger to her mouth, licking her juices clean from finger and butterfly, her hands fly to her breasts, kneading them beneath the cotton of her blouse. She utters a low and a long moan.

Those magical lips, that perfectly long tongue, pushes between her lower lips, teasingly lapping at her juices, playing with her folds. Gentle nibbles on her inner lips, sucking, pulling. A rouge finger pushes at her brown star and traces the puckered flesh.

Her hips buck in her seat, gasping.

A finger slides up, circling her inner circle, a thumb taps her clit. Her bottom lip trapped between her teeth again, her hands upon her breasts squeeze hard. Squirming in her chair, a hand takes one of her legs behind the knee, bringing it up, urging it over the armrest, she sits there wide open, her womanhood open, on display. He licks, thrusts his tongue deep within her core. Her eyes spring open, not seeing, her back rigid, her hands squeezing her breasts so tightly, fingers digging in so hard there will be bruises come morning.

Over and over, he thrusts his tongue into her. His breathing rapid over her clit, a thumb circling up on. Her wetness seeping freely from her, she is like wet velvet. Her musk fills the room, his slurping noises loud, the ticking of that wretched clock never ending.

Her body begins to tighten, her toes, they curl. Her eyes squeeze shut as she begins to shudder.

He licks. He thrusts two fingers hard within her.

Her eyes spring open.

Body hard. Body on fire. Sweat forms upon her brow. Hands stop their movement on her breasts. Her blouse so strained across her breasts, buttons pop open, one clatters on her desk.

She begins to whimper. He moans.

Her whimpers turn to moans of ecstasy while her head falls back.

His fingers thrust deep and hard, curling up, sliding over that tender patch of bumpy flesh. Never ceasing he thrusts, she cums hard over his fingers. Her body caught in total bliss while her orgasm over takes her.

Slumped back against her chair, her knee still over the arm rest of the chair, it dawns on her that she doesn’t even know who this stranger is that is at this moment lapping up at her pussy. All she knows is she wants a taste of her cum mixed with the taste of him. She wants his cock to fill her. She needs his cum to mix with hers. She must have….

The bell sounds out. That shrill sound overloud in her ears.

Her knuckles white, holding that student’s paper she was marking, that paper ruined, crumpled and torn, unclenching her hand, smoothing it. Her chest heaving while she tries to catch her breath.

Still breathing deeply trying to catch her breath, she can feel her juices in her knickers. For crying in the sink woman! You are at work! What is going on! You should know better than to daydream in class!

She is torn between shame and a desire to be taken. Righting her clothes, she stands and collects her things, fixing her scarf round her neck; she prepares to leave for the day.

* * *

“Again? You were dreaming again in class?” Abigail asks of Elle while she pours the hot fragrant green tea into Chinese traditional cups. Presenting Elle with her cup, Elle turns it, bows her head slightly and sips.

“Yes. Again.” A sigh escapes her lips while she sips. “This tea is nice, where did you get it?”

“On Qian Nain Street, that new tea house was having a sale. Was he in it again?”

Elle cocks an eyebrow hearing ‘he’. She nods while sipping again.

“What did he do this time?” Abigail grins while she brings the small tea up to her thin lips. Her soft blue eyes dance while asking the question.

Elle and Abigail have known each other for about thirteen months. Both teachers in the same school, both expats, both single, and both sex deprived in a foreign country.

“I have never had someone as skilled as this man I dream about. His touch alone, even thinking about it makes me just want to grab my vibrator and ride it. His lips….” Her voice trails off thinking about Mister Unknown’s lips on hers. Either pair. “His lips… are god’s gift to women.”

“Elle, don’t be such a bitch. Tell me!”

Elle grins and swallows the last of her tea. “Abs, you are never going to believe it, but this one was the best daydream yet. I was in my classroom, the kiddies were all gone to computer class, and I had a free lesson. I was masturbating, and suddenly there he was. He parted my legs, and just using some fingers, his lips and tongue had me thinking I had died and gone to heaven.”

“I am so envious of your mind! You know I live for you to tell me about your daydreams! They are as close to real sex as I have been in the past year!” Putting down her teacup, she sighs. “I want my mind to be half as creative as yours!”

Elle chuckles, “You so do not want to have a mind as active as mine! You would constantly be wanting to change your knickers, and just jump any man who showed the slightest interest in you.”

Abigail’s mouth drops open. “Tell me you didn’t!”

Elle giggles, “No I didn’t fuck Mister Zhang, but trust me I was tempted!”

The two friends sit there and gossip some more about the men they work with, their partners they have had, and the problems with Chinese men only seeming to know missionary, till the sun had taken its journey to rest, the moon was shining brightly overhead, the stars sprinkled through the night sky.

It was a beautiful night, and once again, Elle was horny. And Abigail was always horny, so that doesn’t count.

The girls stand and leave the apartment. Walking down Lin Yin Road off towards the local bar, eager to try to dance the frustration away and possibly meet some men that could make their night a little more interesting.

* * *

Sitting in the back of her darkened classroom, her students entranced by the romance of “Kate & Leopold” on the big screen.

Her earphones in her ears, her pussy drenched by the recording she made the night before of herself masturbating, her thighs tingling with every moan, her clit hard pushing against the seam of her tight jeans.

Her long black scarf draped over her shoulders, auburn air low in a bun on the nape of her neck. Elle’s moans sound in own her ears, she remembers the pounding she gave herself the night before.

Shifting in her seat, her knees part, and she drops a hand below the desk upon hearing that loud moan when she dragged her fingernail over her clit.

Her whimpers egg her on, and Elle’s fingers stroke along her slit, idly tracing her panty line. Gasping softly as her finger pushes in search for her clit through her pants. She jumps slightly, her finger hard and intruding against her tender flesh.

Students turn to look at her, but she remains unseen while her free hand reaches below her blouse and caresses her breast. The cold winter air over her heated flesh, shivering, sliding her fingernails over her belly.

She hears herself climax as she thrusts her hand savagely down her pants. The clasp breaks with the force of her hand searching for those wet folds she has heard get smacked roughly with the vibrator over her earphones. Moon River plays faintly behind her moans, her students glassy eyed watching the movie.

“Oh yes! YES!” she hears as her middle finger slides over her clit. Her hips come to the edge of the seat, her back against the back of the chair, her lips pursed together, biting them trying not to make a sound.

Elle inhales deeply and almost cums right then and there. Her scent, her natural sweetness hovers around her. Knowing she is playing with fire masturbating in class. Her mind on that mystery man who has haunted her fantasies for time without count.

Finger slipping into her swollen hole, tantalizing her folds with both finger pad and nail, imaging that it is him, that mystery man, picturing him throwing her to the ground, his power divine, forcefully tearing her clothes off of her, her legs parting wide to take him, when he reaches for her growling, flipping her over, pushing her to her knees, spanking her white ass roughly before thrusting his hard member deep within her.

Her blouse tearing slightly with the force of her hands thinking of him gripping her hair pulling her head back, pounding her.

Her hand gone from sight beneath her pants, two fingers buried deep within her wiggling, sliding over her g-spot, that bumpy soft flesh she imagines it being stroked by his impressive cock, his thighs smacking against the back of hers, her juices leaking down her inner thighs.

Her thumb finds her clit, circling it while she listens to herself masturbating on repeat and her students just a few meters away. Their teacher, their strict and rule abiding teacher, her blouse torn, a hand on her breast twisting her nipple, the crotch of her pants moving up and down while her fingers try to dig deeper within her. Listening to herself masturbating, thinking of that mystery man fucking the shit out of her. And Elle, loving every second of it.

Lifting one leg up onto a chair, lowering her pants slightly providing more room for her hand now going wild within her. Fingers curling, pulling on her lower lips, her thumb pushing hard against her clit cutting off all blood flow. Lowering her face to the desk in front of her. Sliding three fingers into her.

Sweat breaks out over her body, her mind on her fantasy man just ramming her, pulling her head back, and riding her like the slut she knows she wants to be for him. She lowers her shoulders to the floor, her cheek pressed hard onto the floor sliding against the floor with each thrust her gives her. Her hand reaches up and she pinches her clit while his free arm snakes around her waist and pulls her back harder onto him.

In her mind she screams as she is almost ready to cum, the neighbours pound on the wall their encouragement at her being so finely fucked.

Inserting four fingers, her inner thighs spasm and her toes curl in her boots. Her thumb finally lets up on her clit and she almost screams right then and there in class. Her cheek and shoulders pressed hard into the desk, biting her lips to keep from uttering any sound, her lips pursed tight, her breathing betrays her.

Elle’s hand moves from assaulting her nipple to inside her pants. Grunting in annoyance at the lack of space for her to really do what she wants, she lines up her thumb over her palm, squeezing her knuckles, she thrust hard.

Her eyes fly open, yet she sees nothing but stars. Rotating her hand within her, gasping while in her mind she imagines herself cumming around the mans cock still rock hard, hotter than a fire, feeling as if he is going to split her in two.

“FUCK ME!” she screams while he does just that. Suddenly he stops. Elle whimpers in protest. He flips her, throws her leg over his shoulder, biting her inner thigh, sucking her cum from her red-hot flesh. Her hands find her hard as rocks nipples and twists. Pulling. Him still hard, he grins and she is fucked again by this faceless man of her dreams.

Not thrusting her fist, Elle knows that if she does she’d not know how to keep from screaming out. Rotating her fist over and over, the bones in her wrist sliding over that bit of bumpy flesh just inside her hole.

Gasping, biting her lower lip, she fingers her clit with her free fingers. Rubbing that hardened nub, circling it and then squeezing it between her fingers. Her juices seep from her stretched pussy around her wrist, leaking down between her ass cheeks. Her eyes closed, she moans softly.

He drills Elle hard; his grunts fill the room, her whimpers loud mixed with his. Her pain mixed with that delightful pleasure, her breast bouncing, her toes curling. Her fingers digging into her breasts. Hips bucking, meeting his thrusts he continues to plunge deep within her. Elle screams as she cums hard around his still rigid cock. Her pussy slick, swollen, clamped around him like a vice and this fantasy man continues to fuck her through her screams.

The headboard continues to bang into the wall, her neighbours finally in the mood and their bangs ring out of tune with theirs.

The fantasy man never stopping, he leans forward yanks her hands from her breasts replacing them with his. Elle’s now free hand finds her clit, assaulting it with hard circles. She feels another orgasm approaching.

Elle’s body shakes while she sits there with her fist filling her, her legs spasm and she kicks the leg of the desk she is leaning over. Her students turn around and hiss at her to be quiet.

Her pussy walls clamping round her wrist as she tries to muffle her moans by biting her lips. Her orgasm powerful, mind numbing. She sits there curled over herself while breathing deeply in a vain attempt to catch her breath.

That tantalizing wonderful scent of cum floats around her, her own perfume. Tenderly, she removes her hand, not wanting to do anything that might make her cum for a second time. Masturbating in class… she begins to worry about her students. Did they hear her? Worse yet… do they know that scent?

Cum trickles from her, when she pulls her hand free. Shivering at the chill, her pants drenched by her juices.

No one is looking at her, and with a flushed face, Elle brings her cum soaked hand to her lips and licks her hand with thousands of little licks. Reaching in her pants once more, sliding a finger along her slit, she coats her lips with her sweet and delicious nectar.

Checking her watch she mutters, “Oh shit!!” and does up her pants, rights her top, stand licking her finger once more. The bell rings as she opens the door.

Her students groan at not being able to finish the movie this lesson. “Maybe next lesson we’ll finish it my darlings!!”

Abigail is waiting for Elle on the other side of the door and the two women smile their hellos.

A very made-up young girl stops and looks at Elle. “Ms Elle? That is very beautiful lip-gloss you have on! Who makes it and how much did it cost?”

Elle looks at Abs and her face turns ever more beautiful than before in her embarrassment. She licks her lips slowly, saying, “It was free. I just got it a little while ago. See you tomorrow Sunny!” Grabbing Abs by the arm, ushering the student from the classroom, she collapses against the door and begins to laugh.

Abs stands there, her friend having totally gone bonkers. She takes in the happy looking Elle, the rosy cheeks, the torn top… “You didn’t?”

“I so did. I have no idea what came over me!”


Elle hiccups and nods wide eyed.

“With STUDENTS present?”

Elle blushes an even deeper shade of red. And grimaces.

Abs stand there and feels like giving Elle a lecture of the stupidity of her actions, but seeing her best friend looking like she has suffered already enough.

Elle rights herself as she realizes what she just did. Uncertain of what to say. The uncertainty of if her friend will lose all respect for her for her actions.

Abs sees the torture her friend is going through. She giggles and says, “That IS a very nice lip gloss!”

* * *

That night the girls had made plans to go for dinner, dressed up in clubbing clothes, Elle in a mini skirt and tube top that showed off her ample cleavage and every curve she was given. Abs in a corset and mini skirt and outrageously high heels. The contrast between them so very noticeable. Elle, looking very earthy, girl next door in lilac purple top and a pleated skirt, and Abs very chic like the city girl she is in a crimson corset and black skirt.

“Abs you know I would love to be able to wear heels. But then all the men get intimidated by me towering over them. They already call me the Amazon Woman! I do not need more attention!”

“Yeah, I know. But you could look so much hotter than you do now, and MAYBE you’d get some cock!”

Elle blushed noticeably. “I don’t need any cock!”

Abs chuckles. “Yes you do!! You need to have some man do his deep thrusts instead of just dreaming of your fantasy man!”

“He is not all I think of! And I don’t always think of his cock either. I dream of his hands, his lips, his smile, his voice… I dream of the man as a whole, not just an appendage!”

Abs face breaks out in a huge smile. “No way!” she points at Elle’s semi red face. Her brow creased, “No fucking way!”


“You have the hots for him!” She peers closely at Elle.

Elle sits there uncomfortably. Squirming slightly. Her face turns redder than ever.

“Who is he?”

“No one!”

“Bullshit. Who is he?”

“He’s no one!”

“Elle. You. Tell. Me. Now.”

Elle’s finds her fingers more fascinating than her dinner plate. Intertwining her fingers, her nails digging into her soft skin.

Whispering, “I don’t know what you are talking about.”

“Oh shut up. And tell me. Don’t make me play the friend card.”

Elle giggles and says, “Go fish?”

Abs’ face turns from inquisitiveness to laughter. Taking a sip of red wine, still chuckling. “That too. You must really like him to keep so quiet about him.”

Across the table, Elle just squirms in her seat.

“What? Ya got ants in your pants? Or ya just not happy about our positions being reversed. Honestly? I love it. I love interrogating you. How does it feel?”

Usually it was Elle who notices everything. She more often than not kept it to herself and pretended to be surprised when the people involved finally spoke to her of what was going on. Elle could understand why Abs was so excited about having her in the hot seat.

And she felt horrible for all those times when Elle had Abs in the hot seat. But, Elle did have a lot more experience having people there!

“So? When will I learn who he is?”

A pained expression haunts Elle’s face.

“I’d love to tell you the bathroom is that way, but. I know you. You’d likely run off and hope I’ll forget!! No luck today Elle!”

“I’m not ready to tell anyone yet is all, Abs.” Elle says, trying to compose her face.

“Oh no. You are not getting off that easy. You have told me about your dreams of this mystery man over the past month. You’ve even masturbated at work. For Christ sakes Elle!” Abs’ finger points at Elle.

She looks ashamed, helpless. But Elle knows that when her friend is on a roll it is almost impossible to stop her.

“And then today! You fist fucked yourself in the fucking classroom! I mean what were you thinking? You know how it is here! If you’d have been caught, you’d have certainly been fired! No matter how much the Dean is in love with you!” Throwing her hands up in the air, she goes on, “So when I said you need to be fucked by a real live throbbing cock, that you need to get laid, I’m being serious!” She bangs her hands on the table for emphasis while grinning a mile a minute.

Composing herself, Abs takes another long drink of her wine, looks seriously at Elle. “Tell me.”

Elle, red faced, takes a deep breath. Just as she is about to speak, the waiter comes to their table, bringing them the drinks they ordered long ago. Grinning. “Saved by the booze!! Now this is a first!”

Abs breaks out laughing. “I’m not letting you off the hook that easily!”

The two women chuckle and drink their whiskey neat. They talk of the usual things women speak of, sex, toys, anal plugs, bondage, you know, the usual. Ordering more drinks till they’re good and tipsy.

As they finish up their last round, calling for the bill, Abigail looks at Elle. “You’ll tell me when you are ready, right?” she says, her eyes slightly glassy, face flushed from the whiskey.

Elle looks at her friend, looking her straight in the eye, bringing her index finger so close to her nose. Tapping it, she giggles. “I shall. Let’s go! It is dancing time!”

The girls grab their purses and head for the door. Walking the few hundred metres to the bar, the girls chat some more about men and their signals to the other to get them out of a tight spot through the night, their laughter loud and drunken sounding as they walk into the bar.

They are hit with the music of the night, fast, upbeat, the bass courses through their bodies and Elle can feel her clit harden, her pussy wet. That bass working through her like its own vibrator. She grins, as she feels her juices seep past her lips.

They find an empty table, placing their purses down, ordering a bottle of whiskey; they pass it back and forth. The men in the bar do exactly as they knew they would. Watching these two foreign women drink right from the bottle while little dribbles of the amber liquid fall from the corners of their mouths. They grin at each other, and move closer, their thighs intertwined looking at the other, grinning like Cheshire cats. Abs’ hand grazes over Elle’s naked knee, resting there.

Elle smiles devilishly at Abs and rests her hand on her thigh, stroking her inner thigh with her thumb. Taking another swig from the bottle, she passes it to Abs with a sneaky smile. Pushing her skirt up slowly, exposing more of her shapely thigh.

Abs drinks deeply from the whiskey bottle, her chest heaving. Elle leans forward and licks from her cleavage to her chin, her hand rising up and cups Abs’ breast through her corset. Leaning back slightly, taking the bottle with her, Elle drinks.

And drinks.

She stands between Abs’ thighs as the amber spills from the corners of her mouth, beads fall down her chin, and over her neck. Abs brings her face closer to Elle’s chest. Elle leans her head back while the amber trickles down her chin, over her neck and down, lower onto the swell of her breast.

Abs extends her tongue, and beginning at the curve of Elle’s breast she licks. Up her chest, up her neck and finally up her chin. Elle shudders and feels herself getting even wetter. Elle reaches up into Abs’ hair and taking it in her fist that she used that day on herself, pulls her head back exposing the tops of her nipples over her corset. Elle being the taller of the two lowers her lips to her nipple. Thrusting her tongue between Abs nipple and corset, she catches the lost drop of whiskey. Her tongue circling round that hard, so very pink nub.

Abs shivers and reaches for Elle’s breast. Squeezing it, kneading the perfect orb while Elle licks up her chest before finally tracing along her lips with her tongue. Their hips moving in beat to the music, grinding their pelvises into the others. Their long legs intertwined, hands snaking up each other’s stomachs till hands find breasts, hands sliding up and down the other’s back, over the other’s ass.

Their lips meet again, a sparring of tongues. Till finally they pull their heads back.

They both smile at the other, taking each other’s hand, they move out to the dance floor. Their hips close to each other’s, they grind to the music while all the patrons watch. The dance floor packed with people grinding to the music.

They both suddenly spin and choose new dancing partners. Elle straddles a man’s thigh, lowering her body onto it, her naked pussy lips scratched by his jeans. She and her partner gyrate to the music, their bodies tight together. Wrapping an arm about his neck, she presses her body against his. Rising up, sliding down slowly, her breasts pushing into his chest. Her nipples hard, her pussy wet. Elle, feeling daring, wants more.

Looking into her dancing partner’s eyes, their faces so close that while she licks her lips, her tongue touches his lips. Licking her lips slowly, watching his eyes, his tongue meets hers. Sliding his tongue over hers, their lips meet. Her lips soft, tasting of raspberries, he gets even more excited than he was.

Wrapping an arm about her waist, pulling her roughly, harder into him. His other hand snaking up her back and into her hair. Pulling at her long locks, forcing her head up, the power of his kiss sending electric bolts of lightning to surge through her body all seemingly focused on her clit. His arm around her pulling her in tighter, her legs part wider, bringing him in closer.

Elle feels his cock straining against his pants; she moves her body slightly so she can feel him better. One of her hands still round his neck, the other reaching between their bodies.

His hand around her waist sinks lower, and cups her ass through her skirt. He groans into their kiss, he feels no resistance from her; he begins to bunch up the material of her dress. His middle finger is the first to come into contact with her bare ass. He reaches lower; Elle can feel he is stunned in disbelief as his mouth has stopped moving on hers. He lowers a finger between the cheeks of her ass and slides it up.

Her green eyes open, watching his eyes snap open; he pulls his head back from hers. Elle grins wickedly up at this giant of a man.

Looking down at her, that question in his chocolaty brown eyes that all men get when meeting a woman as forward as Elle is, “Are you sure?” Smiling innocently up at him, taking his hand from her ass while grinding her hips over his, she slides it between them. Pulling her body back every so slightly she slides his hand between her legs.

She shudders as soon as his finger touches her soaked pussy, penetrating between her wet folds. Pulling his hand back, cupping her smooth mound, his free hand around her waist pulling her into him once more, bending her knees her pussy rests in his hand. Spreading wide his fingers, her inner lips slightly extended radiating heat into his hand, squeezing his hand, letting his middle finger slide up and into her while his thumb presses in to find her clit.

Her face buried into his neck, his middle finger curling within her, she nibbles up the side of his neck till she finds his earlobe. Sucking it hard, her teeth dragging over it, his moans vibrating over the bare skin of her neck, she thrusts her hips as he bring another finger within her.

Her head falls back, her long slightly wavy auburn hair reaching just past her ass, her full breasts straining the cotton of her tube top, nipples so hard, so erect so close to breaking free over the top…. His lips find her collarbone, nibbling down her chest till his lips find the band of her top, taking it between his teeth, pulling it down, Elle gasps as his hot, warm moist mouth hovers over it before it disappears within.

This stranger dancing partner sucks in her pinkish brown nipple while she squirms, his two very long and thick fingers thrusting, curling within her. Her hands reaching up around his head, pulling his mouth harder onto her breast, willing him to take more. Holding on for dear life, she lifts a leg, opening her pussy up for him to thrust deeper and harder inside, wrapping her leg about his waist.

His hand coated in her nectar, his thumb circling her clit, her chest vibrating with every moan she utters. Elle straightens her body, her hard nipples pressing against his chest, wrapping her leg from around him; she steps back a little from him. Taking his hand from within her, she brings it to the valley between her breasts. Guiding his hand up, leaving a shiny trail of her juices, up to her lips. Ever so slowly, she licks his hand of her juices, looking up at him, her green eyes wide, her pink tongue taking long licks up his palm to the tip of his middle finger. Circling the tip of that finger with her tongue, showing him what she has planned for him later.

Smiling up into his eyes, her teeth still around his finger gently nibbling, she feels her wet pussy, her hardened clit, and wants him. But she knows exactly what will happen if she does. The cling factor. The flowers. The phone calls. Him telling of her that she should be more like a traditional Chinese woman. The sex will be ok the first few times, then it will develop into just missionary and it will be about him cumming. The same thing all the men she has been with do in China.

Elle’s body has an itch, and she wants to scratch it. And stuff the consequences. She will deal with that issue when the time comes. Until then…. Here is a willing cock for her to use. She thinks, but he is not Chinese. Maybe it will be different.

Thrusting her hand down the front of his pants, skin on skin, she squeezes his rigid cock. His eyes go wide in surprise as a groan passes over his lips.

The DJ she sees is staring straight at her, some of the dancers around her stop to check her out. Her eyes find the owner of the cock in her hand, she smiles and nods.

Her lips find his ear and she whispers, “I’m ready if you are, Fantasy Man.”

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