Kraken Octo-pleaser

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Kraken Octo-pleaser
Summary: Simply the best for the advanced tentacle crowd, never fails to please, great variety of size and texture, pre-lubed, this plug will leave you breathless and in a erotic euphoric bliss that can’t be beat.

Pros: I don’t think I need to explain.

Cons You don’t always get a big one.

Use:  The sheer size and fearsome appearance attributed this mythical sea monster off the deep is main reason I chose this plug for my blow hole, for my ass fetish with tentacles this is the “Holy grail” of ass play. I find it best to use in the water due to the fact that that is were it lives. You can use it dry, if I am wanting it hard and fast, that is the way to go. (puts up a bigger fight!)

Material: Who cares! This thing is great, pull it out, shove it in and give it a smack, no warm up needed, hell you don’t even need lube, it’s pre lubed.

Design/Shape/Size: These come in different sizes and really that’s part of the fun, you don’t know how big it will be till you get it. Some come as small as ½“ all the way up to like 30’ long and 10’ wide. Mine came really small for the species with a 1 ¾” head and a length of 4”, 2” make up the head and the rest is suction cup filled tentacle bliss. This makes for a 4” base, but don’t worry, once it’s in, there is no turning back, the head will expand on the sides so it will not come out till it’s done. Don’t worry though the incredible sensations of the eight limb’s grabbing/sucking on your but cheek’s while the head thrashes around inside your rectum will bring you the most erotic feelings of pure ecstasy you have ever had. Talk about hands free orgasms, believe me you will need your hands just to hold on to something once the “Thrashing” begins.

The Kraken comes in different colors, once again you don’t know till you get it. One time I got one that changed colors and sort of lit up, great for night time fun.
Is it waterproof? Well duh. This is also a good pro for this toy, when you are done you can just throw it in the water and forget about it till your next romp. No toy cleaners, no bleach, no hassle what so ever.
Personal; I find it best to use solo, I mean why share, you know your partner will want it too, mine steals it when I am not home, yours probable will too.

If you are worried about your ass sucking it up, (on the smaller ones) it will come out on its own, it needs water to live in, so it will not stay long.

Also I do not recommend putting you fingers by the mouth or trying to get a blow job, that beak will cut your finger/pecker clean off and eat it, so be advised.

Experience; I really don’t know how to describe the experience this toy will bring for you, I will say that is the holly grail of butt plugs. Nothing I mean nothing is better for prostate or anal orgasms. Really this plug Will hit all the good spots and ones that you have never new you had.

So if you want one for your self check your local dock side brick and mortar and order this one today. For those that just want the tentacle try this. Mention my code Kraken and get a two for one deal.

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  1. AirenWolf

    OMG it’s not glass but WOW! I think I need your two-fer deal.

    • Dwtim

      This is so much better than glass Airen. Words can not tell you, you must feel it for yourself. I highly recommend the two-fer deal!

  2. Vaccinium

    LOL! Great review, Tim. And yes, that beak can definitely get more than a bit scary. :)

    • Dwtim

      So true Vac.. Once it is in there is no worries though, thankfully.

  3. Oh, wow. Lol. Loved the review Tim

  4. sexyintexas

    Lolol, great!!!

    • Dwtim

      They sure are, and for the great deal you get, you can not go wrong. ;)

  5. Fantastic Review. I must get one of these! Two-fer!?! Hell yeah!

  6. Can you use a condom around this for sharing? We tried it with a gerbil and……well, it didn’t work out for the gerbil really good. I think condoms don’t let air in.

    • Dwtim

      Naw, I think you would get the same result. BUT, you can get a two for one with my code. :P

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