Kylie: An aMAIZEing Adventure

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Kylie: An aMAIZEing Adventure

Kylie hated haunted anything; be it houses, barns, or basements. It wasn’t the macabre scenes and bad acting that bothered her, it was the surprises; the hands and people coming out and after you that always gave her nightmares. So when her friend Ann suggested going to the annual haunted corn maze at Eden’s Bounty Farm she had initially rejected the idea with some fervor, but then Ann used the “C” word and Kylie’s altruistic side had won out over her fear.

So that night, Kylie put on her costume and readied herself for the nights events. It was a lovely little red riding number with a skirt and hood that caught her mid-thigh along with a corset that barely held back her blessed bosom. Second thoughts had flashed though her mind momentarily as she walked to Ann’s car, the cold night air nipping at her from all directions, but concluded this was her one night of the year that she got to play dress up. Kylie was going take full advantage. “You promise your not going to leave me in there alone, right?” Kylie said to Ann as they made their way to the farm, “Of course not, I know how you get in these things” Ann replied. They parked the car and headed towards where fig leaves marked the main entrance to the maze.

At the opening, a man dressed as an undead farmer gives them a sickly smile. “Welcome to my maze ladies, but be careful. Somethings come over my workers, and pretty little things like you might make them mighty hungry.” Kylie and Ann both roll their eyes at the farmer as his evil laughter dies into a fit of smokers cough. As they move though the moonlit maze, Kylie began to relax, the random rubber body parts and easily seen “spooks” doing little to rattle her nerves. Just then, a cloud moves over the moon, shrouding the maze in darkness. “Ann?” Kylie called, no longer feeling her friend’s hand in her own “Ann?” but no response came. “I’m going to kill that girl!” Kylie seethed as she turned and attempted to make her way back to the entrance, figuring it was the fastest way out. “Naughty, naughty little girl. There is only one way in and one way out” A deep voice whispered from the darkness. “Who said that?” Kylie responded shakily, stopping in her tracks. “Naughty, naughty” the voice repeated, and the sound of a chainsaw cut through the night air. With a scream, Kylie broke out into a run. As the moon once again lighted the maze, she quickly chose one path and then another, the sound of the chainsaw never seeming to fade. All of the sudden she stopped short, her last choice being a wrong one.

“Leave me alone!” Kylie yelled from the back wall of the dead end. Her pursuer stoped, “You don’t like being scared?” “No, why did you keep following me?” As she spoke, Kylie ran her eyes over the man who had been chasing her. He was tall and well built, his muscles rippling beneath the tight “blood-stained” t-shirt. Ripped jeans covered lean, toned legs. Removing his mask he said sheepishly “Your panties. When you were running, your skirt would fly up and I could see the red lace. I couldn’t help myself.” A wicked smile crossed Kylie’s lips “Now who being naughty?” She walked up to him and grabbed his neck, pulling him down to her so that she could lick the smear of fake blood left behind from his mask. As she suspected, it was strawberry syrup. He pulled her into a hidden corner of the dead end. Their fingers worked furiously to remove the few barriers between them. As his mouth covered and his tongue danced over one nipple and then the other, Kylie let out soft moans. Lowering to the ground she pulled him upon her. With one swift move, he buried himself deep within her. She gasped, never having someone so blessed between her thighs. Their hips danced in ever faster rhythms, their mouths and hands groping and grasping in heated fervor. At the moment of ultimate pleasure, Kylie let out a joyous scream. Two more followed before her pursuer came to his own release.

A few minutes later, Kylie stepped out of the maze, her pursuer letting her in on a short cut. She realized that she had never caught his name, and the thought of that kind of thrilled her. Would she even know him if she saw him again? As she turned the corner she spotted Ann, looking frantic. “Where were you? I know it was mean not to say anything when you called but I wanted to show you there was nothing to be scared of but then I heard you screaming and I got freaked out so I went to go find someone to help get you and…..” Ann’s voice trailed as she noticed several pieces of hay caught in Kylie’s hair, “What happened to you?” she said as she stared at her friend. “ Like the farmer said, these workers are hungry.” A silly grin formed on her lips as Ann shook her head, “Guess your not afraid anymore huh?”

Needless to say, Kylie never thought of “Haunted” places the same way again.

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