Loving Me

Sep 22, 2011 by

Loving Me

Is it truly hard to love me?
My complexity is simplistic
I want for nothing and require everything
I want to be free while wearing your chains
I only ask that you instinctively know those things my lips are too afraid to say
I offer you my soul
And pieces
And expect for you simply sign over your life without question
I expose myself to you
Bare breast writhing against truth
A supple tongue uttering falsities
Nibble fingers that molest the hidden
Is it really so hard to love me because it seems rather simple to me
Why can’t I just fall into you and you trust my reason
Why can’t you protect me without charging me with your self-perceived treasons?
Why can’t you smile at their lusting eyes rather than punish me?
Why can’t you believe that the line that ends at you is where my infidelity dies?
Why can’t you simply love me and believe that I love you?
Why do you blame me when your misguided insecurities write my obituary?
Can’t you
just love me?
I’m standing before your court begging for a life that is not mine
I pray to your Gods to cloak me in your definition of purity
I fight so damn hard to keep the dark away
Even when it relentlessly pursues
You see this woman who has planted a garden of exotic fruit
You assume that my seeds are of the same breed
I see myself biting into sweet that tastes pungent and is riddle with mold
I am incapable of seeing what your eyes con you into believing
I can only speak for my soul
And my darling lover
She is hurting…
Just tell me that I am not worthy to be loved and I will accept it
Tell me that I am too broken
Too lost
Too demented
Too tainted
Too sensual
Too artistic
Too tatted
Just tell me why it is so damn hard to love me and I will never ask another soul to do it again…

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  1. ohhh…. I love the questioning nature of this poem!!!! Thank-you for sharing!

  2. AirenWolf

    This could have been written by my husband…or by us all. Love is the razor blade we willingly carve into our own flesh.

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