My Experience with NetFlix

Oct 6, 2011 by

My Experience with NetFlix

Recently, I got a flier in the mail advertising a free month of the Netflix video streaming service. I’d tried out the actual DVD mailing service before and found that to be alright, so I was curious to see how their streaming service worked. I figured a month would be enough time to really get to know the service. Currently, I am about 4 days in, and I already hate it.

After creating my account and getting the Netflix service working on our Wii, I signed in to check out what movies were available. I flipped through my usual movie categories, action, horror, and comedy, and found not one thing I was interested in watching. In fact, I didn’t even see anything listed that I had seen before or at least heard of.

I went back to my computer, signed in to my account on their web site, and figured out how to set up my movie interests. I rated a handful of movies, hoping that some useful suggestions would come up. None did. I started watching some movie that I didn’t really feel interested in and eventually gave up and turned the Wii off.

I decided to try the Instant Queue feature I saw on the top of their site, since typing in titles to try on the Wii was a very slow, painful process. To my major delight, I saw that all of the recent releases I hadn’t gotten around to seeing yet were not available through Netflix. A quick search about Netflix and new releases brought up an article on Yahoo!. Apparently, Netflix feels customers are not interested in streaming new releases. Instead, they want to receive the actual DVD as a rental. Since the two services are completely separate, they are also priced separately. This is pretty crappy and honestly I no longer wonder why Netflix lost a large number of customers. I don’t like to go to the movie theater for every new release. I like to rent the movie when it’s out, and I’ll pick whatever service happens to have the movies I want first, which typically seems to be DirecTV’s pay-per-view channels. I also don’t want to subscribe to two separate services, one for the new releases, and one for the older movies that I’m too lazy to go down to Real Video to rent.

Since Netflix wasn’t exactly giving me great recommendations on movies, I decided to rate a few more. After rating about 350 movies, I’m still not getting any results for movies I want to watch. For some reason, Star Wars Episode V was placed in the category of “Kids ages 8 to 10,” so now I get recommendations to watch children’s movies.

All I wanted was an easy way to have a movie night once or twice a week. What I ended up with is a headache and an extreme dislike for the Wii. I think next time I will just suck it up and watch Bridezillas on TV with some popcorn.

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  1. Starkiller87

    Ive had netflix for about 2 3 years now. And though I am not happy about the prices being raised i havent experienced what you have. Ive had a good experience thus far. I always find something to watch, weither it be new or old. And after using it more and more it learns what i like and recommends things i have enjoyed. I dont even use the rating thing. Im a big movie person, and will watch almost everything once, so maybe im just easy to please.

  2. I actually enjoy having Netflix, though I dropped the instant and went to 2 DVDs at a time because it was cheaper than paying for both now. I have found a lot to watch and I liked having it to stream on my Wii and PS3 because I had stuff to watch whenever I needed it – not only that but TV shows I had been wanting to see as well. Since I switched to DVD only – I have over 300 different discs on my queue. So all in all, I have no complaints thus far.

  3. darthkitt3n

    I haven’t tried the DVD mailing service, but it looks like it’s got a good variety of movies to choose from, especially since everything I am in the mood to watch is available through that. I’ve been getting awful recommendations that don’t match their categories at all. How is a Veggie Tales movie an “end of the world apocalypse” movie?

  4. starkiller87

    I think youre judging it too quickly. You have to give it a chance to learn what you like. And there is way more listed than what shows up on the wii menu. For some reason the wii menu is really watered down. The ps3 menu shows a little more, but the computer one will show you everything. But since they have the search option for both systems it helps. And sites like steamingsoon always tell me whats going to be uploaded on netflix soon or was just added, which is helpful.

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