My Pleasure Phone

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My Pleasure Phone

This product is a multifunctional toy that is used primarily for external stimulation.  Functional for men and women (and couples!  Bring a lover along for vibrational fun!) this toy is discreet but still powerful.  It can be used to stimulate just about any erogenous zone, such as the penis, vagina, nipples or perineum (externally only!).

This product, however, is multifunction, so it’s not just a vibrator.  This toy can also be used as a fully functioning cell phone.  You can make or receive calls or text messages to anyone with a phone around the world.  It also has some cool features, like an alarm clock, stop watch, calculator, camera (take photos of your toy in-use!) and phone book.

Made primarily of plastic, steel and glass, it’s a combination of prime toy materials–but it’s rather fragile.  I wouldn’t want to drop it marble, but I’ve dropped it a few times and it still works alright–though it’s a little dented.  It has no taste or odor, but since it should not be used internally, the texture doesn’t provide a great deal of extra stimulation.  The screen of it is completely flat and untextured, but at the bottom there is a small indent where there’s a button that’s used for lots of activities (I’ll discuss that later.)

Design / Shape / Size
This product is very easy to use and hold.  It measures in at 4.5″ by 2.31″ by .37″.  It’s pretty lightweight at 4.8 ounces, so it can be held one-handed quite easily.  Its large size means that it can cover a larger area, but it also means that the vibrations can be spread out a bit uncomfortably, causing your vulva to go a little numb after a while.  Because of its design and shape, it’s very discreet and it can easily be stored in a pocket or purse for travel use.  The screen is made of engineered aluminosilicate glass (the same kind used on helicopters), and there’s a steel band between the screen and the backing.

It is rechargeable and requires no batteries–you can even charge it using your computer, and can use it while it’s charging.

Functions / Performance / Controls
This product has a variety of vibrational settings (as well as volume settings).  You can change it from a very gentle vibration to a moderately strong vibration–but it can be a bit loud on the higher settings.  Luckily, if you’re worried about privacy, you can set your product to play music while it’s vibrating!  People will never suspect what you’re actually doing behind that closed door!  The vibrations are not really centered towards one end or another, so if you’re holding it for a long time, your fingers may start to go numb after a while.  It was easy to change the vibration settings (you just go into your settings and bump them up or down) and it was very intuitive.  I asked my mother to try changing the settings on hers, and she said she had no problem navigating the options.  It’s touch activated, so there are no external buttons, except the ‘home’ button which takes you back to the main menu and ends your vibrational session.

To use the product, you just set an alarm and have it continue going off until your play is done–or your partner can call you and control how much vibration (and when) you get

Unfortunately, this toy is NOT waterproof.  Using it around any liquid can cause this product to break down, so you should make sure to put this toy in a condom, plastic baggie, saran wrap or over clothing whenever you’re using it, so as to protect it.  Even though this limited my ability to use it (I was only able to use it over clothing) I still found that this toy performed well.

Care and Maintenance
This product is easy to care for–you should keep it away from water, and if it becomes dirty, you can clean the screen with an eyeglasses cleanser and soft cloth.  It cannot be used with any lubes but it has no material incompatibilities.  You should keep it away from sharp objects like keys and coins, lest you scratch the screen.

Personal comments
If you don’t like this design, a lot of other companies make similar products that are just as discreet, but don’t have all the bells and whistles of this design.  If you’re looking for something simpler that still gets the job done, you should check out the Nokia Brick.

If you don’t want to set an alarm or have someone call you, there are applications you can buy that will keep this product buzzing all night long!  Just don’t forget to charge it, lest it die on you

Multifunctional, strong, totally discreet.

Not waterproof, which limits usability.

This is an awesome product.  Not only can you use it as a vibrator, you can also use it to make phonecalls and organize your day.  It’s so discreet that nobody will ever know what you’re doing with it–it’s totally appropriate to have in your purse or pocket and won’t make anyone wonder why you have it.  Even though I wish it were waterproof, I can work around those limitations and make it totally useable.  Great for couples and singles, men and women, this is truly a great product.

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  1. Vaccinium

    I’ve also heard that it can be used to browse porn as well. I, personally, would never, ever, ever use this product for such a purpose, but *some* people do so apparently.

    Great review, DS!

  2. Deliciousface

    It’s true that it does have that use, but additional costs might apply for internet usage.

    Thanks for reading :)

  3. Wishlisted! The Touch version I have is just not nearly as stimulating, though I can still browse porn and Literotica with it.

  4. Dwtim

    To bad it does not have a base. Still looks like a good one. :)

  5. AirenWolf

    It’s not harness compatible…and it isn’t exactly hands free. Still it sounds like a good staple of any toy enthusiasts toy box!

  6. Deliciousface

    It’s not harness compatible, but if you position it properly and hold it with your thighs, it can be used sans hands.

  7. Ann

    Not good on battery life though!!

  8. newlady

    Great review. Lots of information.
    Thank you.

  9. Deliciousface

    Thanks everyone for reading! :D

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