My Secret Shame, Garbage Television

Jun 24, 2011 by

My Secret Shame, Garbage Television

I guess it all started with “Rock of Love”. I was pretty embarrassed about it, but I loved the show and I couldn’t wait to find out who got eliminated next. Someone I was talking to casually mentioned that “Rock of Love” was indeed garbage television. I bit my lip and did not admit that I LOVED the show, or that I was like a junkie when it came on. Shushing my children and threatening their happiness if they made me miss one second when it was on. Never mind that they played re-runs all week, my girlfriend would be calling to discuss, and I couldn’t NOT know what happened! Some little light bulb went off in my head when she said garbage television, and in perfect Gemini fashion I went home to contemplate what about this show made me so enamored.

I thought about all the shows that I have looked forward to watching. They all classified as “garbage”. Crazy antics and surreal characters captivated me. The shows that made me lose IQ points every time I tuned in. The first season of “The Real World”, I watched every episode, probably more than twice, and I loved to watch the drama unfold. I would sit and watch a marathon of “America’s Next Top Model” and not become bored. These women were ridiculous, but I wanted to see who won. I loved to watch Paris Hilton strut around in some normal house and try to do domestic chores. Then “Housewives of New Jersey” was my obsession. These women were so far from my reality, I wish I had their “problems”……wait a minute! That’s it! Garbage television is my escape from my reality. Like a good movie can help you feel what the character is going through, for just a little while every week, I can escape and feel someone else’s ridiculous pain and embarrassment. Plus, I get to see how some people live….really live.

My obsession carried over into my relationship with my lover, as well. Miguel usually has control of the television remote. I pretend that I don’t really like television when he is here. In fact, I don’t even turn it on until he comes home. Then he turns it to “Mob Wives”, and I become glued to the set. He knew how much I loved “Jersey Shore” and even reminded me when it was supposed to be on. The realization that I wasn’t really alone came when my Miguel called me to tell me about a fight that broke out on the show when I was at work. He was hooked, too! Thank gawd for re-runs, because I was able to see it for myself the next day. Ha! I got my man addicted to garbage television!

So, that’s it. When people ask me what I watch I tell them “Garbage television”. I should be a bit ashamed, but it is who I am. The only intelligent shows I watch are when Miguel puts them on. I usually get bored with “good” shows and leave the room. I am addicted to garbage television, and I know I am not alone. Garbage television is my secret shame, well not so much a secret anymore!

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