Nairn and Kirielle

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Nairn and Kirielle

Kiri watched as the small man was placed at her feet. Her eyes betrayed her puzzlement but otherwise she was still as stone. Was this to be the moment? She felt her sex grow warm at the thought. The Lady had promised that her awakening would be a very public affair, as being part of the royal retinue permitted no less than a public spectacle. The timid male looked into her eyes and fell instantly in love with her gentle yet fierce features. He cleared his throat softly and said “My Lady has tasked me with preparing you for Her.”

Kiri blinked and said automatically, “OUR Lady is to be obeyed.” She nodded her sleek head and gestured, “Continue.” The male said “My name is Nairn, what am I to call you?”

She toyed with the idea of taking him to task for his impertinence but cleared her throat and said.”My name is Kirielle and you will be calling me bitch if you don’t hurry, Our Lady is not amused when her wishes are not carried out in a timely fashion.” The younger male’s eyes widened at the steel in her voice, she almost sounded as imperious as the Lady herself.

The day had gone from one extreme to another for poor Nairn. He had been ordered to pleasure the blonde giant and then felt fear for the first time in his life. The man had meant to kill him. Nairn was submissive by nature and had thrilled to the fear until he saw how deadly earnest the man had been. He still shivered when he remembered the look in his cold blue eyes. When Her Majesty had arrived Nairn thought he would die of embarassment, but he found he could not leave the area with the other slaves without drawing notice to himself. When the Queen touched him and then paid his body price he thought he was going to die from the pleasure. He was to be the body servant of the Queen’s personal slave, a glorious creature, and his first duty was to bathe her, life was good!

He rose and walked to the bathing tub, gracefully he bent and began to draw a bath. He swirled in scent and inhaled deeply tasting the effect. His body was perfect in form and he was eager to please, a perfect gift for the young woman struggling with her need to dominate while being dominated. Nairn looked up and blushed at her frank appraisal, she smiled and he beckoned her forward. She stepped into the fragrantly steaming water and sighed. Nairn watched her breasts floating on the surface and his hands actually began to shake. He cleared his throat and asked softly, “Would you prefer me to wash your hair first or your body?” Kiri felt an electric jolt at the thought of being washed by another person, this was an experience she had only heard of. “My hair,” she decided.

He lifted her mass of braids over the back edge of the tub and began to undo them. He brushed the hair free of tangles and then poured warm water over her head making sure to not get the soap and water into her ears and face. He massaged her scalp and she sighed with pleasure. His heart swelled at the tiny sound, this was a woman he could truly love. He finished with a creme rinse and marvelled at the rich redness of her otherwise golden hair and its unusually soft texture. He let down her long hair and stood. He saw the slender girl stiffen just slightly and he frowned, had he frightened her? How?

He picked up the bathing cloth and dipped it into the water. “I will wash your body now, Ma’am, if you please or you may spend a few more minutes soaking?” The girl looked at him with wide eyes and he realized she had never been bathed before. His prick stiffened at the thought and he felt his heart nearly burst with joy. “I will go slow, sweet one, you will find the experience enjoyable.” He smiled reassuringly and saw her eyes snap fire at him, this too pleased him to no end. “I had better enjoy it or you will feel my displeasure on your nether parts.” Kiri closed her eyes after glaring at the gloating male, how dare he insinuate she was frightened of a bath? She felt him stroke the soft cloth around her face and it did feel good. He stroked her neck and then the tops of her breasts. He leisurely soaped the peaks and shaped them over and over until her nipples pebbled and she hummed from the rapidly building need. He moved on to her satiny stomach and soaped it slowly. He extended his hand and explained that kiri should rise and kneel in the tub. He then soaped her sex slowly gliding the cloth and then his fingers over her slippery cleft. He smiled as he felt her wetness and moved his fingers against her clit making her hips buck in response. She sighed her pleasure and he brought her to her peak easily. He finished her backside, soaping her anus and buttocks as she slowly drifted down from her pinnacle of pleasure.

He motioned her to again recline in the water and he began soaping her long slender leg. She had muscular, but softly rounded limbs tapering to a delicate but substantial foot. Her foot was marbled perfection, her arches were high and well defined and her toes were smooth and well formed. He washed her foot slowly enjoying himself. He longed to suck each toe and allowed himself the pleasure of imagining what he would do with this foot if permitted. He would slowly smooth oil into the skin, or would it be lotion? He would gently suck each toe in his mouth testing and tasting the texture and resilience of the skin with his tongue. Run his tongue over her arch feeling the sensuous movements of her pleasure. He would mouth and gently bite the heels listening to her moans. He would cum on those perfect feet and then massage the sticky fluid into the skin. His cock ached and throbbed at his thoughts as he finished the bath.

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  1. The places you take me with this or unexplainable. I get chills reading this and the way you described his mental foot worship completely awakened by body in a way that is foreign to me. Beautiful…just beautiful in every way.

    For a moment I felt her thoughts and heard his inner dialogue within myself…very visual…Brava!

  2. Well… now this… all I have to say if I had a foot fetish… this story would have been amazing!!!

    But since I don’t… I still like it! The words you use to describe things and acts, her legs for example. I’ve not seen it done quite like you have!!! I like it!!!

  3. AirenWolf

    It helps that I wrote this for a bonefide foot fetishist. He describes my feet in such lush language that I used that and he was most appreciative :)

  4. Cedarlooman

    Very nice. So well described I could picture myself bathing the beauty myself. Not a foot fetishist, but it was a very pleasant scene to imagine. Now I want a bath! :)

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