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I have not personally experienced a pilgrimage, but my former bosses’ daughter went on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem to see where her ancestors were from. I believe it was a very enlightening experience for her. When my grandpa died this June, I started doing some research into his family history. Through my research, I learned that his family came from Germany and immigrated to America. My husband has always found Germany to be interesting, and it amazed him that my ancestors on my grandpa’s side came from there. He expressed that he would like to go there one day. I do not know if this will ever happen or not, but I believe it would be a very enlightening experience for me to walk the same streets that my great-great-great-great ancestors did many generations ago. I know the world has changed many times over since then, and I know my ancestors immigrated to America for better opportunities, but it would still be nice to visit if the chance arose.

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