Pirate Booty

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Pirate Booty

“We’re here to steal your booty!”

Ryan looked up from his book at the two women before him, both in pirate costumes. Despite the historically inaccuracy of the costumes, the sexually alluring outfits had him dumbstruck. Alice was a curvaceous woman, her wide ass just barely covered by the miniskirt she was wearing. Rebecca was slightly taller, and though she was slim and lacked the large womanly assets that Alice sported, she had legs that seemed to go on forever. Ryan cleared his throat and glanced back at his book.

“Hi Alice, Becca. Enjoying Halloween?”

One of the girls scoffed. He couldn’t see which, but he was sure it was Alice.

“We’d be having more fun if you were partying with us,” Alice said. Rebecca hummed her agreement.

Ryan shuddered. Partying wasn’t exactly his idea of fun. As director of the library he had decided to close it early so that his employees could celebrate, but he didn’t have any plans to partake.

“Are the other librarians still around?” he asked, trying to sound casual.

“No, it’s just us three,” Rebecca shifted her weight nervously, her striped thigh-highs dancing slightly. He could tell they were held up by garters. She was the type of woman to wear classy lingerie.

“Are you going trick or treating?” He tried to focus on his book, but he could barely remember the plot as Alice sat on his desk.

“Something like that,” Alice answered. Ryan looked at her mischievous face, green eyes narrowed and red hair wild around her face. He looked at Rebecca. She was biting her lip.

He moved his book to his lap, hiding the bulge he was afraid he’d start sporting. The library was dark, most of the lights turned off. He pulled himself closer to his desk, trying to hide his lap more. “Well… have fun.”

“Are you sure you don’t want to join us Ryan?” Alice smirked. “Just think about all the tasty treats we could lick and suck, if you come with us.”

Ryan finally knew the game. Originally he thought it was a little show, a little bit of flirting. He hadn’t realized that Alice, and Rebecca, were actually sincere in their innuendo. It wasn’t a display, it was an invitation.

He had to refuse, on morality alone. He hadn’t fucked any of his employees yet, despite the fact that he had nine librarians working under him. He didn’t exactly pride himself on his celibacy policy, but it was better than whipping his dick out for every sexy bookworm he had employed. That, and Ryan despised drama. There’s always drama when one woman is involved, involve a second and it triples.

He’d rather remove his appendix with a rusty spoon than deal with the fallout that could result from having a threesome, on Halloween, with his employees, in the public fucking library.

Time to excuse himself. “Well, I actually have to head home and prepare… to hand out candy. So… I’ll see you tomorrow.” He stood up carefully, annoyed by the tightness of his pants over his cock. He walked the long way around his desk to avoid facing the pirates.

“You don’t hand out candy,” Rebecca said.

Her voice seemed slightly shaken, but strong- as though she had made up her mind. One determined woman is bad enough, but two are a whole new realm of trouble. God, her voice practically sent shocks down to his dick. Damn women.

“Look, ladies, pirates, it’s not that I’m not… you know, but I can’t and that’s just the way the cookie crumbles.” The way the cookie crumbles? What the fuck was wrong with him?

“Here’s the thing,” Alice licked her lips. “Me and Becca have talked about this a lot and we know what we want, and we’re pretty sure you want it too. So tell us you aren’t interested, and aren’t going to have a wank to thoughts of us the second we leave, and we’ll let it go. No harm, no foul, but we’re all adults and we know what we want and there’s nothing wrong with whatever we do or don’t do.” Alice crossed her arms, as though daring anyone to argue with her over her logic of “want it? Do it.”

Ryan looked at Rebecca. Her blue costume suited her blonde hair and blue eyes. She smiled at him, her fingers fiddling with her skirt. Ryan reluctantly dropped his book and walked over to Alice. She smiled at him, and he put his hands over her ears so that she couldn’t hear. She frowned at him.

With Alice effectively taken out of the picture, he looked at Rebecca. “Are you sure?”

She nodded vigorously. “Definitely!”

Holy shit. He’s about to have a threesome with two librarians dressed as pirates. Divorced at thirty-five, and fully tired of the dating scene, he hadn’t gotten lucky in years, and now god was giving him this.

It was either a very good idea, or a very bad one.

He dropped his hands from Alice’s ears. He tilted her head up as he kissed her. She wasted no time and proceeded to use her tongue to coax his into her mouth. The nice thing about Alice is that she’s so forward, there was no way you could go too fast. She had already uncrossed her legs and put her hands on his hips to tug him closer. His erection only grew as she sucked on his tongue.

He heard the swish of a skirt and pulled away from Alice to see Rebecca smiling nervously. She trotted to them when Ryan looked at her and immediately she was kissing him. She held him there by a hand on the back of his neck and he smiled at the innocent, tongue-less kiss. He was surprised when she nibbled on his bottom lip, but not disappointed.

He can feel Alice fumbling with his belt and he runs his hands up and down Rebecca’s sides. He hesitates a moment, but cups her ass just as Alice is tugging down his boxers to reveal his erection.

It’s a good thing size isn’t something he’s insecure about, since he’s sure his dick isn’t the biggest one Alice has ever seen.
Rebecca pulls away and he’s forced to let go of her as he steps out of his pants and boxers. Alice stands up abruptly and bumps into his erection, a move he’s sure she did on purpose. She puts her hands on his shoulders and moves him around until he’s backed against the desk. He sits on it and she climbs on top of him. He realizes she isn’t wearing any underwear when she unzips her skirt and pulls off her blouse and voila! She’s naked. She starts popping buttons as she tears open his shirt and as he looks at her large breasts and curvy stomach he marvels at how her last boyfriend could possibly call her fat.

Maybe if he has freakish expectations of what size a woman should be and “fat” is a synonym for insanely gorgeous and totally fuckable.
He lets his head drop back as she exposes his chest and licks it affectionately. He moans and sees Rebecca out of the corner of his eye. She’s slipping out of that costume and he realizes he’s right about the garter belt. Her lingerie matches in a cute way; all of it is teal lace. It’s not typical, and he likes that. She smiles at him and moves closer, a condom held between her fingers. He can practically feel the heat from Alice’s pussy.

“Becca…” He’s not sure why he says her name. He figures that since he kissed Alice first, and is going to have sex with Alice first, that maybe she feels left out. She stands by his head, and as Alice sits up Rebecca unwraps the condom and leans over his body. She strokes his dick a few times, the first time anyone has actually touched it outright tonight, and it has him closing his eyes and moaning. He can feel the condom being lowered down his length and he opens his eyes to see Alice give Rebecca a kiss on the lips.
Ah… well… that explains the total ease they have with each other.

He sits up and can’t help but watch as Alice takes his cock into her pussy. He’s always been a visual learner, and as he feels how tight, and warm she is he wonders if he’s going to cum early like some teenager. As Alice gasps and starts to ride him it becomes a very real possibility. The fact that Rebecca has pulled off her thong, climbed on top of the desk and is masturbating while licking Alice’s neck doesn’t help.

“I can’t believe I’m so close already!” Alice moans and whimpers.

Ryan can believe she’s close, if the squeezing her pussy is doing is any indication. She slips a hand down between them to rub her clit, and she kisses Rebecca sloppily, their tongues wrapping around each others. It’s ridiculously hot, and completely unhelpful in his attempt to maintain his erection. Alice pulls back from the kiss and gasps “you have to stay hard for Becca!”

Ryan wants to laugh, but can’t around his grunting. This, all of this, is ridiculously comical. A pirate, librarian threesome? The first sex he’s had in years, his cock about to burst, and he has to stay hard? A thirty-something year old man with sexy women in their twenties? This isn’t the stuff that sultry, romantic moments are made of, but there’s something genuine about it.

Ryan tries to hold back and squeezes the base of his dick as Alice cums, her pussy tightening and milking his cock for what he refuses to give her. He gives himself a mental pat on the back as Alice stops screaming, and he’s successfully maintained his boner. He laughs slightly and Alice mumbles something as she rolls off of him to lie down on his, thankfully, wide desk.

He takes a deep breath. “Okay, Captain, I’m ready. Have your way with me.”

Rebecca rides him hard, in a desperate way, and though he orgasms before her she manages to climax on top of him, rubbing her clit. He feels quilty until she screams, arching her backing, her pussy gripping ridiculously tight around his softening dick. She giggles when she’s done, and rolls onto his other side.

Ryan can officially say, “best Halloween ever.”

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