Review Workshop

Jun 7, 2011 by

Review Workshop

Ever get stuck on a review issue that you just can’t figure out? Can’t find a close example to your issue in the FAQ (frequently asked questions) or in the Customer Service Section? Then you should check out the monthly Review Program workshop!

These open forum interactive discussions happen at 7pm Eastern on the forums of EdenFantasys. You can find older discussions here: .

We cover topics from the basics of signing up, how to add flair to your reviews, and even video reviews! Your host, JR, even finds a way to give out gift certificates to a couple lucky participants! At the last meeting (5/25/11), SexyinTexas and Retro (a brand new reviewer) both won $10 gift cards.

Even if you think you have it down, there is always something to learn about the program at the Workshop. Do you know what a “push assignment “is, or what to do to get a mentor? Even if you just want to get to know the community better, the workshops are a great way to get involved with EdenFantasys!

The workshops are hosted by Review Program Administrative Assistant, JR, and are slated to go for one hour, but they usually last longer than that! If you have a particular topic you would like discussed, or an issue you just cannot seem to nail down, you can email JR at [email protected]. JR can answer questions about the Review program in general, assignments, mentors, video reviews, functions on the site and in reviews, social media, and even some customer service! If he cannot answer your question right away, he will know where to look to find it!

The next Review Program Workshop is June 29th at 7pm. See you there!

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