Reviewers Spotlight: Illusional and Sir Interview

Oct 19, 2011 by

Reviewers Spotlight: Illusional and Sir Interview

Hey everybody, if you haven’t heard about our Reviewers Spotlight, I’d like to tell you about it really quick. Basically, once a month we have a few long standing reviewers in our community join us for a Q&A, live on the forums. This month we grilled Illusional and Sir! They both had some great questions asked of them, and they both had some great answers to respond with.

Illusional says “… my favorite toy? Right now.. Krystal Dolphin or my Galaxy Saturn. Both get me off quick and my schedule is so hectic I don’t get to have lengthy solo sessions. 

My free time? I like to write and do Nia yoga. Also I cosplay A LOT 

Favorite food? Blueberry pancakes or shrimp alfredo. Hands down. 

In five years? [I see myself] Working in a spa, or maybe massaging a celebrity. Maybe working with children with disabilities. Happy and in love!”

Sir says “To answer your questions: My favorite toy right now is my viper tongue. Not really a toy, but that thing’s damn sexy. Mm. In my free time, I generally see my slave now. She’s under training at the moment. 

Favorite thing to eat: anything a person cooks for me. I cannot help but love food that a person cooks for me. The slave makes me brownies a lot, I love them. She also made me pasta last weekend. 

In five years, I will have a job and probably be out of Florida. I will be a full-time professor at that point. “

These spotlights meet on the first Thursday of each month at 8pm Eastern, and you should definitely be there. You can read through the last one right here, and make sure to join us at the next one on Thursday, November 3rd at 8pm EST!

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