Reviewers Spotlight Wrapup

Apr 18, 2011 by Sam

Reviewers Spotlight Wrapup
If you missed our last Reviewers Spotlight, then shame on you.  ToyQuest unfortunately wasn’t able to join us, but Airen Wolf stayed the entire time, answering questions, from the easy and simple, to the more personal and in depth.

When asked her most and least favorite toys, she replied:

“Hmmm my favorite toy is probably my Siri and I loved writing the review for it. She sits on my desk and we watch porn club movies together!

My least favorite toy is a bit harder…I think it’s a tie with all the TPR toys that still cause me to itch after using them. I love TPR because unlike jelly the chance that it’ll bother me is minimal but when it does it’s OUCH. I have problems writing reviews for these products because it’s my body that’s the problem not the toy itself. I try to remain objective and for the most part I can. “

She had to think for a little while, but she was even able to tell us what she’d be doing right now if she hadn’t found Eden.

“Well when I wasn’t here I was busy with the kids and playing MMORPGs which is our shared passion as a family. As it is I split my time with WOW which we play on a private server! I am also an ordained minister of Eclectic Wicca so I spend lots of time simply listening to people. If I hadn’t chosen to make the EF community my life project I would probably be writing for the local college and their comparitive religions curriculum.“

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