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Here it is again, the year is almost complete and we will be looking forward to the New Year. However, we are not quite there yet; we still have Thanksgiving to celebrate. Do you think Thanksgiving sometimes gets overlooked? I mean there are football games, Black Friday sales, Christmas shopping, friends and family coming and going, food to cook, food to eat the list is endless. Does anyone in this day and age really stop and count their blessings on Thanksgiving or is it somehow overlooked and tossed aside for other things that are going on in our lives. I can honestly say, and hate to admit it, but on Thanksgiving all I’m thinking about is homemade pecan pie. I know that is awful, but it is the truth. I should stop and reflect why we are gathered together with family or friends in the first place instead of pecan pie, but I do not. This year at Thanksgiving, I am going to try and do better, to stop, reflect, and give thanks for the true meaning of Thanksgiving. I am thankful that the pilgrims and Indians shared the first Thanksgiving together, it shows that though different we can set aside are differences at least for one day and enjoy time together.

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