The Long Road to Recovery Part 7

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The Long Road to Recovery Part 7

Find the rest of Ivy’s story in the Eden Lives Healthy archive.

(Sorry for the long hiatus. My life got a little complicated. You’ll find out more about it in Part Nine.)

A year and a few months after falling off my horse, I was finally getting treatment for the muscles that I had damaged during the fall. I was having a specialized physical therapist stick electric needles in my butt.

Why was he sticking electric needles in my butt? Running electrical impulses through a muscle will make that muscle contract, but my muscles were already contracted. I needed them to relax, not clench further.

The idea was that by forcing the muscles to contract even harder than they had been contracting, when they stopped being forced to contract by the electrical impulses being delivered through the needles, they would finally be able to relax, not just from the electrically induced contraction, but from the contractions caused by the injury during the fall as well. The therapist admitted that he wasn’t entirely sure that this treatment would work, but that it was the only thing he could think of. Since I was tired of being in pain and having uneven butt cheeks, I was willing to give it a try.

He had me lay face down on an examination table and then stuck I don’t know how many needles in different areas of my butt, mostly in my right buttock, but also a few in my left buttock. These special needles were attached by thin wires to a control box that delivered current through the wires and into the needles. The current could be adjusted to various levels, and he set it to where it was just barely painful for me, then left me to be electro-stimulated for about 10-15 minutes.

By the time the treatment was done, my poor butt was really sore in a new and exciting way. I was less than thrilled about the discomfort, but hoped that it would be worth it. In a couple of days, the pain from the treatment had faded and it did seem as if the muscles of my butt were slightly more relaxed.

Two weeks later I went back for a second treatment. After the pain of the second treatment faded, it was obvious that my butt muscles were finally relaxing. I didn’t go back for any more treatments. Mainly because they were expensive to pay for out of pocket, but also because I was hoping that now that the muscles had finally begun to relax that they would continue to do so on their own. Also, I hate going to doctors, physical therapists and any other medical professional, and will avoid doing so if at all possible.

I know. I know. My poor butt muscle probably wouldn’t have gotten in as bad a shape as it had if I had gone to a doctor in the first place. But just because you know something is good for you intellectually, can’t change the way you feel about it emotionally.

Fortunately, my butt muscles did continue to relax on their own. My right butt cheek was still larger than my left butt check, but it was beginning to feel less firm. Also, the constant low-level pain that I had been feeling in my right hip faded away. The pain from my broken tail bone also noticeably decreased. I suppose the contractions of my butt muscles had been pulling on the tail bone and interfering with its healing. Now that the muscles were relaxing, not only were the muscles finally healing, it was also allowing the tail bone to finally heal.

To be continued…

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