The Missing Heart and the Stolen Soul

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The Missing Heart and the Stolen Soul

Angela Gracey was a fair young woman with long flowing chestnut colored hair and eyes the color of milk chocolate. She had a beautiful face and a kind heart. She had just finished collecting the books she needed for her school work and had decided to go home. The night was dark and the the rain fell hard. Angela was walking home from the library down Park Avenue. The street was bare when she came across a man that was standing in the rain. He was looking up at the red brick building, the rain not seeming to bother him at all. His clothes soaked from the water. She couldn’t help feeling concerned. “Are you lost?” Angela asked as she walked over and lifted her umbrella, sheltering both of them from the downpour of water. He didn’t answer her question, only shook his head as he continuing to look upwards toward the building. “You shouldn’t stand out in the rain. Do you have a place to stay?” she asked, hoping he’d be alright. He shook his head again, still not taking his eyes off the building. “Well, you really shouldn’t stay out here. Why don’t you come to my place and dry off?” Angela suggested, wanting to help what seemed like a lost soul. He slowly lowered his head and nodded, agreeing to go with her. Angela felt a bit of relieve, knowing he wouldn’t be out in the rain.

She led the way to her apartment, living alone in a one bedroom place. She opened the door to the cozy little space she called home. It was a bit cluttered, but for the most part a pleasant place. Angela turned and looked at him “You can take a hot shower if you want, I’ll get you some clothes.” she said to him, not wanting him to get sick. Without a word, he made his way to the bathroom, doing as she had suggested. Angela got some clothes that her Ex had left when he moved out. She thought they’d fit him, them seeming to be similar sizes. She brought him a t-shirt and a pair of jeans, hoping they’d fit. “I’ll leave the clothes outside the door.” she shouted to make sure he heard her. She headed into the kitchen to make some hot chocolate to warm herself up a bit.

While she stirred the pot of warm milk and melting chocolate, the man came up behind her and said. “Thank you.” His voice as smooth as velvet to her ears. She was startled a bit, but continued to stir. “It was no problem.” she said to him “I didn’t want you to stay out their and catch a cold.” She then moved the pot and carefully poured the hot drink into two mugs. “Here I made us some hot cocoa to warm up a bit.” she said as she turned to look at him, seeing all of his face for the first time. He had dark, midnight black hair that framed his beautiful face and complimented his bright green eyes. They looked almost mysterious, like a cat staring into your soul. “Thank you and… My name is Marcus. Marcus Hellton.” he said as he took the cup from his hands. She shook her head as she snapped out of the shock from seeing such a handsome man. “It’s no problem, Marcus. I’m Angela” she said once she snapped out of it, looking down at her cup. She then went over and sat down in her small living room, trying to calm her now racing heart. He followed behind soon after, sitting down next to the now flustered Angela. “I’ve never met someone as kind as you before.” he said to her “I would love to get to know you better.” he said before taking a sip of the hot chocolate he had been given. Angela looked up at him “O-okay.” she said to him as she slowly recovered her composure.

They then talked for what seemed like hours, the stranger then starting to become more of a friend and Angela’s heart became more open to him. Before she even realized what she was doing, she was with him in her bedroom. He slid off her clothes, slowly exposing her pale skin. She also reached up and took his shirt off, revealing that he had bandages on his muscular chest, but didn’t let it bother her. She pulled him in and kissed him passionately, letting her lust take over.  “Do you love me Angela?” he asked her as they kissed. “Yes.” Angela whispered with an out of breathe voice. “Will you give me your all, body and soul?” he asked as he caressed her body, making her grow hotter from anticipation. “Oh yes… Please take me now.” she said to him, unable to hold out any longer. Marcus smiled as he leaned in and kissed her deeply as they then became one. They continued on through the night until they couldn’t continue.

The next morning, Angela awoke and found Marcus still in the bed with her. She smiled as she sat up and looked at him, until she looked and saw blood on the bandages around his chest. Panicked, she quickly reached out and ripped the bandages off of him to see what was the matter. She stumbled backwards in shock, for she saw that there was a gaping hole in his chest where his heart had once been. She called the police and her apartment then later became a crime scene, the cops investigating what had happened. Angela stood in shock and sorrow, watching as they took him away. She then heard two of the cops talking to each other. “Seems that the girl woke up and found him like this, but he was alive last night.” said the first cop. “How can that be, isn’t that the guy we found dead in that house on Park Avenue?” the other cop asked. “Looks like it, he was killed the same way too. His heart torn from his chest.” he replied as he looked at the men that carried the body away.

Angela was shocked when she heard this, turning and leaving. She found herself going to the place she had met him. She then made her way to the building, looking at the list of attendants. She looked and couldn’t believe it. His name written on the marker for one of the apartments. She went into the building to make sure, hoping it was a mistake. She made it up to the room and saw the police tape on the door. She carefully went in and looked around, trying to find proof it wasn’t the real Marcus that had lived there. She pictures on the wall, seeing the oh so familiar face she had come to love. Her heart sunk as she thought of what happened ‘how could it be?’ she thought to herself. He had just been alive that night and the things she did with him. She couldn’t help feeling sick at the thought of him having really been dead. She couldn’t at it up until she had thought about what he said. “No, It can’t be.” she said to herself, realizing she had given him her body and soul. She got up and ran out of the building. She didn’t stop though, running from the memories that haunted her. No one ever knew what happened to Angela after that. The police deemed that she had merely run away, possibly running from the guilt of killing someone. Others say she went mad from finding a dead body next to her when she woke up. As for me I believe she is still alive, still trying to escape the demon that had won her heart and stole her soul.

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