The Storm

Apr 4, 2011 by Angel

The Storm

She turned her head to allow him closer into her his warmth was something she would use right now. Joshua turned her to face him, his hands on her waist as their eyes met. Her back now against the railing of the deck his mouth met hers with such ferocity she nearly leaned too far over. Joshua knowing her every reaction before she could perform it, held her waist close to him, protecting her from going too far away. His mouth ran down her neck and across her shoulders that were exposed from the weight of the water pulling her shirt down off of her frame. Ashley let her fingers find their way to his thick hair locking into the tight waves and curls he had naturally. She pulled his head away from her gently and tried to push herself past him, but he was not budging… Read more

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  1. Danelle

    Amazing! I love the way you make it so easy to visualize. I really could place myself there in my mind, wonderful writing!

    I can’t wait to read more of your writing.

    • Thank you so very much. I have written erotica for years and I just decided to really put it out there for everyone to see.. Feel free to hit up my blog for more if you are interested.. I love new visitors and comments.

  2. Hi Angel!!!

    I live behind the Great Firewall of China… and blogspot is a banned site here. My email is in my profile at EF, could I ask you to email it to me so I can read your story???


  3. Ann

    Close your eyes and you are there

    • Thank you Very much Ann. I loved reading as a little girl and that is what always kept me interested in a book. The ability to feel like I was there if I closed my eyes. That is the one thing I strive to achieve. When I started writing erotica I would ask friends what their fantasy would be, who and where. I would tell them I can make it a reality if only on paper.

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