The Wolf

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The Wolf

It was the opening night for the new club, well it was more like a rave, and I was headlining. I spent the time with my hair and make up and I squeezed into my leather body suit and zipped up. It was fitting like a glove and hugging all my curves.   I polished it up, grabbed my music and got in the car.

I had an hour long drive so i had the time to think about what I was going to dj that night. Thankfully I had worked in the past with the other djs but I didn’t know the tech crew or the dancers that would be on the go go boxes.   It was going to be a night of a lot of hard work and new people.

After pulling up behind the venue and putting my knee high boots on, I went in to meet everyone. I was glad that I still had about an hour before we opened the doors to the crowd that was already forming outside in the front of the building.

I sat down and finalized the DJ schedule with the promoter and the other DJs. The go go dancers were working out there shifts to match up with the djs they wanted to dance with. I was thankful that not all the dancers where skinny eighteen year old girls.  We had women and men. Some where thin, others where curvy and a few really powerfully built. They where ranging in age from eighteen to mid forties. So there was eye candy for everyone.

One of the male dancers kept looking over at the DJ meeting. He had a shaved head and a very well built body from what I could see under his military fatigues. Broad square shoulders and I could see the muscles in his arms. He didn’t look like one of those overly buff guys but had just the right amount of strength and definition to look like he would be a fun ride after the show.

His bright blue eyes kept flashing over at me and showed a soul much older than his face showed. When he realized that I was looking at him, he flashed a very shy smile and waved showing a wolf head tattoo on his right wrist.

The meeting finished up and I walked over to the dancer to talk to him. He stood a good foot over my small frame, but I could see he was shaking when I said hi to him

“I…. I have to get in my costume. It’s going to take me a while. Um…. I’m going to dance to your set. I have to go.” And he ran off like a sixteen year old boy talking to a girl for the first time. All that I could do was laugh a little to myself.

I was able to meet up with my body guard for the night. The promoter thought this was a good idea. A single, curvy, female DJ would be to much for a horny teenage boy spun out on X. So I had Chris that night to keep an eye on me.

Chris was a bouncer I worked with more than a few times. He looked like a bad ass biker boy but when he would open his mouth you knew he was a drag queen. And he actually was a pro queen. He told me that he had wanted to use his drag persona and be one of my go go dancers but he really didn’t want to because his ex boyfriend was one of the dancers. It wasn’t that he and his ex weren’t still friends, but they used to dance together and they both didn’t want to bring up the pain.  So I had him for the night.

The doors opened to a mad rush of people. The music was blaring from the main floor. The smoking court yard had it’s own DJ and was just as packed as the main room. Upstairs in the venue was the down tempo room or the chill lounge that was open to the V.I.P. and performers to get away from the masses. There was a green room up there to for the performers to change and get something to eat.

I made my way to the chill lounge to relax some before my set and to enjoy a drink. I sat down with Chris to talk for a bit when i felt something in my lap. Turning I saw a costumed wolf head sitting on my lap. Big blue eyes looked up at me from the leather wolf head while on his knees.  I could see that this wolf was badged as one of the dancers for the show and Chris was giggling up a storm so i thought nothing of it. I scratched the wolf’s ears and he trotted off making the tail of his costume wag.

“That’s something I never thought I would ever see,” Chris laughed.


“N, honey, that was my ex boyfriend. I have never seen him flirt with a female before. ”

I looked at him confused at what was so funny.

“Girly he must really like you. He wouldn’t have done that otherwise. But I have never seen him paw at any woman before. He’s great in bed but I really don’t know if he would know what to do with a woman.”

Then it hit me like a ton of bricks. That was the hard bodied dancer that was checking me out before we opened. If Chris was right and he was interested I knew that it was going to be a wild night.

For the rest of the night before my set I was trying to keep focused on anything but the wolf. But that was a losing battle. Every time I would sit down I had a wolf head in my lap. His nose would keep getting closer and closer to already excitable pussy.

Finally the leather of his muzzle hit the leather of my jump suit when I had taken a seat right before I left for the main stage for me DJ set.  I could see him take a big sniff to smell me. His eye closed with delight. His leather paws ran up my legs slowly and I could faintly hear him say, “Gods, I want you.”

He got up with a start and walked away with a gate that I could tell he was rocking a full hard on that was hitting his leather cod piece. It was time for my set anyways.

A while back I learned that I DJ better with sexual energy. Getting laid before a set, getting fingered while DJing or having some sexual tension going on seems to boost my skills.   Don’t ask me why. It’s just something that happens.

I went to the stage with Chris and he took his position at the edge of the stage as I set up. The wolf had just started dancing on the gogo box when I was setting up. But when I started my first track, he started to dance more sensually and on the edge of the box closest to the DJ gear.

The crowd couldn’t see it at all because of the cod piece, but he was still rocking that hard on. I could see the outline of a big thick cock threw the latex he had on under the leather.

That hard and hot body dancing in leather and latex was making me hornier as I DJed my set. I could feel myself getting wetter through the night.

The more I DJed, the more he danced, the hotter I got, the stronger I DJed, the wilder the crowd went, the more he danced. I could see his cock throbbing to escape the leather and how bad he wanted to rub himself. He would do little subtle rubs to his cock when he had his back turned to the stage so that only I would see him.  I would lick my lips was a sign to him that I wanted him as much as he wanted me. He got the sign as soon as I did it the first time.

Jumping off the gogo box, the wolf danced behind me still playing for the crowd. But with his pawed hands on my hips and roving my body that was hidden by the gear, I could feel his hard cock pressing on my ass through all that leather and latex.

So badly I wanted to just throw him under the DJ gear, unleash that big hard cock and ride him right there as I finished my set. But common sense over road my lust. I needed to be professional and wait.  So we danced as I kept DJing.

He took the leather paw off of his right hand and tossed it under the table the DJ rig was on. The drape that covered the table hid was he was doing. He put the other arm around my waist to create the illusion that we where dancing on stage as he unzipped the crotch of my jumpsuit.

His strong fingers explored me as we kept the illusion of dancing behind the gear up. But I couldn’t always hide my pleasure as he would brush my clit. When he slid a finger in my pussy I dropped a CD. At this point Chris realized what was going on behind the decks. As the wolf was fingering my pussy hard, Chris came up and whispered something in the wolf’s ear. The play suddenly stopped and I was able to regain my composer and keep DJing.

The wolf started licking his fingers as if they where covered in his favorite ice cream. While he had been playing with me, he had undone his cod piece and I could see his hard cock through the latex.

“We will finish this after your set,” he whispered in my ear.   And he darted back stage as I zipped myself up.

Chris was laughing hard when I finished my set. He grabbed me by the arm and picked up my music himself. He walked me through the backstage area. Passed the boxes of lights and sound gear. He pulled back a drape to a low lit room that I didn’t know was back there.

“Have fun” he laughed as he pushed me in.

The whole room was lit low by soft blue lights. There was a large pile of pillows in the middle of the room with the wolf sitting in the middle of them. He had taken off all the leather but the head. I could see every ripple of muscle and twitch of that big cock through the latex. Had he and chris set this all up or where others involved?  I really didn’t care. I was to horny to even care if some of the other performers would see us.

I stepped into the pillows and stood in front of him with my leather jumpsuit still zipped up. I stood over him with a healed foot placed on either side of his hips.

He let out a low growl like a wolf as he sat up a bit more and ran his hands up my legs. “I want to see how wonderful your tits are, my goddess.”

That one line said so much to me about him. He was a submissive and wanted a mistress to worship as a goddess. Chris was right, he was going to be fun.

I ran my hands over my breasts but didn’t take the leather off of them yet to drive him wild. He looked up at me breathing hard, his hands firmly on my hips. His eye pleaded with me. Begging me with every inch of his soul. It was that longing soulful look that a new lover gives me when they are seeing my form in nothing but my tattoos and pericings.

I lightly dragged the heal of my boot over his cock giving him just a bit of pressure as I unzipped the top of my jumpsuit. The more I unzipped the harder i pressed my heal into his balls until my breasts where fully exposed. I could feel him squirming under my foot and his cock throbbing under my toes as he watched loving every second of the pain as I stripped fully out of the jumpsuit. I lifted my foot from his groin as I kicked the suit to the side.

He pawed at my ass with both hands and rubbed the muzzle of his wolf mask on my clit. The nose of the mask was covered with my juices when he pulled back to look up at me.

Putting a foot on his chest I pushed him onto his back and lowered myself over him, placing my pussy over his still latex covered cock. He let out a moan as i settled on him. I ran my claws down his chest and he arched into my hands. His eyes got even wider when I went right over his nipples. I got the hint very fast. I ran my claws lightly over his nipples throw the latex. His eyes closed and he shivered with delight.

“You keep that up and I will cum all over myself.”

I pressed my thumbs into his nipples and stood up to see what was around the room to use for some improved kink.

“What kind of kink do you like?  Had I known we where going to play tonight I would have spent some time negotiating with you,” I smile over my shoulder.

He had unzipped the fly of his latex body suit and was stoking his ten inch long cock. “I’m an easy boy. My safe word is red. And tonight I just want to be tied up. Other than to worship that amazingly sweet and tight pussy.”

I could feel myself getting even wetter when he said that.

“Easy slutty boy, aren’t you?”

He nodded at me, his eyes smiling up at me still playing with his cock with one hand and held a condom and a little bottle of lube in the other. “I would sell my soul for you to peg me for hours but I didn’t bring a dildo or harness. I didn’t think I would get the chance to get my tail filled or find at hot chick who would be willing to do that for me.  I had to beg Chris for the condom and lube.”

“We can always have the pegging scene when we get to whoever’s place we end up at,” I smiled at him with some sound cord in my hands.

I sat on the pillows next to him and bound his hands together with the sound cord and tied the ends of it to one of the road cases in the corner of the room. It pulled his hands over his head but left his legs free.  I looked around for something to bind his legs with but all I could find was a roll of gaffer’s tape. So I made some anckle cuffs out of the tape and made them as strong as I could and shackled him down some lighting stands. I tickled him a bit to see how well my makeshift bondage rig would hold. He bucked hard and the bondage held up. It would last until I could get him home and really rig him up.

I ran my claws up his inner thighs towards his crotch. I unzipped the crotch of his body suit fully as I freed his balls. He growled at the touch and writhed a bit. I licked my palm and ran my hand from the base of his cock to the tip and I could see his eyes roll back in his head.

He snapped the muzzle of the mask and I let go of his cock. Looking him in the eye, I unbuckled the mask from his head and brushed the bits of leather from his face. Holding his face in my hands I kissed him on the lips lightly.

I pulled back a little and moved my tits towards his face and his tongue met my nipple. He sucked my nipple into his mouth then let it go. He bit into the flesh of my breast as I leaned back and grabbed his balls and pulled just a little.

He gasped letting my breast go saying, “Let me worship that perfect pussy, my goddess.”

Planting my feet on either side of his head, I lowered myself over his face. His tongue was already out to meet me.   He stretched up to meet my clit. The tip of his tongue pressed hard on it.  I let out a little moan and just slightly lost my balance when he touched me. Grabbing a hold of his shaved head, I steadied myself.

As I was gaining my balance, I had run my claws over the skin of his head. He let out a moan when I did this and had forgotten that he was just starting to eat me out. I lowered myself more over his face and he shoved his mouth right into my pussy.

I could feel his tongue slide in as deep as it would go in. He wiggled it some. This tickled a bit but in that pleasurable way. I could feel his teeth bumping my clit.

I kept running my claws over his head as he licked and sucked. As I stood up, he dropped his head back on the pillows and looked up at me as he licked my juices from his lips.

I wanted him to use those very skilled fingers on me the way he had when I was DJing, so I untied his wrists. As soon as I did so, he sat up and slid two fingers into my pussy. Using his other hand, he started to rub a finger on my asshole but didn’t slide it in. Just stimulated it.

A finger on my ass, a thumb rubbing circles into my clit and two fingers fucking me hard. I was having a hard time keeping my knees from buckling under the pleasure.   I could feel the slight twitches of a coming orgasm.

My whole body just let go and I had to hold onto his shoulders to keep falling over.  I could hear him laughing as he helped me stay standing.

I came hard for a few minutes before my body slowed down and I was able to catch my breath. I let my knees give out and flopped down on his lap. His cock was still hard under me.

I pushed him hard on the chest forcing him back onto his back. The condom and lube where still sitting next to him when i grabbed them.

Setting the little packet of lube on his chest, I opened up the condom and rolled it on his waiting cock. I opened up the packet of lube, emptied it into my hand the stocked it on him. He was twitching and moaning with glee as I did this.

Once he was primed I stood over him and slowly lowered my body, grabbing a hold of his hard cock. Once I was low enough I slid him in. His eyes rolled back in his head with pleasure and moaned very loudly once he was in me.

I leaned forward and tightened around him, resting my breasts on his chest and purring in his ear. Slowly we started to grind into each other.

Slow rhythmic thrusts and grinds became faster and harder.

He grabbed my hips as I sat up on him.  I got up on my feet with his cock still deep in my pussy and started to ride him very hard.

I was surprised that our moaning didn’t bring the security team running to see what the racket was. But the sound of one of the other DJs spinning could have been drowning us out.

We started grinding and thrusting into each other to the beat of the music. Each beat was a thrust up from him into me. I dug my claws deep into his chest, almost drawing blood.

 I could feel his happy twitches deep inside me pressing on my g-spot. Each twitch sent a rush of pleasure through my body and i would let out a little squeak of delight.

The more I squeaked the harder he would thrust the more I would grind and lean back on his cock.

 My breasts where up in the air and bouncing with each movement. He started pawing at my breasts more and more as I bucked hard on him.  He sat up while still thrusting into me and pressed my breasts together. Planning his face between my breasts, he started to make little growls and happy yipping sounds just like an actual wolf would make.

As he was yipping, I could feel another orgasm come up on me and I just let my body go. He held me up in his arm, still thrusting hard, as I came.

“My darling lady, may I cum?”

“You have been a good boy, you may cum”, I smile at him as I kept cumming myself.

He let out a howl that could be heard over the music as he released into me. Both of us twitched and clung to each other to keep from falling over as the pleasure flowed over us both.

Panting, he fell back on the floor. If he had a natural tail, he would have been wagging. All that I could do was smile as I got up off of him.

The moment of bliss was suddenly interrupted by the sound of the security team crashing into the little area we where playing with. The howl tipped them off that something out of the norm was going on. We had just enough time to grab a few bits of costume to cover up. He put the head of the wolf costume over his still hard cock and I put the back of his wolf costume over the front of my body.

I can only imagine what was going through the minds of the security team when they saw us, but the looks on their faces was priceless. I really don’t think any of them had expected to walk into the tail end of sex.

The security lead started to laugh and shoed the rest of the team out of the area.

“Next time, keep it down. The crowd could hear that howl,” he laughed as he walked out.

I tossed the back of the wolf costume back to the wolf and grabbed my own cloths. He just sat there and watched as I dressed and fixed my hair.

He slipped his body suit on as I touched up my make up. With a lot of work, I helped him back into the wolf.

I kissed him on the nose as we both walked back out on the stage.

He jumped back up on the gogo box as I slipped back into the booth to DJ. He was dancing in a sultry was for the rest of the night. He knew what he was doing and he knew he was teasing me. I couldn’t wait to actually get him home.

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