While “Ones” May Have Slipped Away…

Jun 7, 2011 by

While “Ones” May Have Slipped Away…

… They’re Never Really Gone

I dropped my duffelbag and my driving clothes on the hotel floor and flopped down onto the bed. I looked out past the generic curtains over the town that would have seemed generic to any other traveler who’d never been here before. But I know, looking out, that the owners of the Dairy Queen franchise just outside my window have a son my age, home from college for Christmas. And another of his old classmates would be in his parents’ attic, playing a video game he hadn’t touched for years, practicing for a reunion game. I looked out and counted four houses I could see from my window, tallied the six others I couldn’t, and ran through, once again, which would fuck my ass, which would tie me up, and which wanted the whole scene without a word.

I stood up and put on the lowest-cut shirt this town in this weather would permit, a skirt, and a nice pair of boots. I wrapped up in my wool coat and started to walk to the door, but thought to call my mom before I was in earshot of anyone I was about to meet. “Hi Mom. Yeah, I just made it to Heather’s. Her family’s great, they loved the bottle of brandy I brought. Their dog is a riot. … Yeah Mom. Of course. I miss you guys too, I know. Have a good Christmas, Mom, you’ll be all right without me. I’ll give you a call tomorrow. Love you.”

I strode out into the bright afternoon, and figured I’d start out easy. One of Heather’s closest friends—he leaned toward the computer science side, and despite his sweet temperament and good, if mousy, looks, he hadn’t gotten much more action in college than he had in high school. He’d get good things in a few years when the girls caught up with his maturity, Heather and I both know, but in the meantime he hasn’t gotten a proper blowjob yet. Too eager to please and too polite to ask, but he’d admitted to my best friend over IM that nobody’d ever sucked his cock to completion, so I was here to make his dream come true.

He’d be at the computer shop where he’d cashiered afternoons in high school, so that’s where I headed. His head popped out of the office when the bell on the door announced I’d stepped in. Heather had prepped me well, and I definitely had the upper hand. I knew exactly what I was expecting, while he gulped as he watched me walk in. “Can I help you? The owner just ran to the bank…I don’t really work here anymore, so I don’t know all of the stock…but I can probably help…”

I hadn’t considered that he might be alone here, so I thought quickly about how best to take advantage of the situation. He stared at my neckline as I paused, so I knew that nearly any plan would work… once I could get him close enough, he’d melt to my touch. “Which photo editing software do you recommend? It’s for my mom, for Christmas, so I want something simpler than photoshop..?” I let my voice trail off, and inclined my head toward one of the four display monitors. (Oh, small towns. The quaint economies you support.) He headed for the computer, smiled, and motioned me to have a seat. I knelt on the floor, and told him to take the reins. He hesitated, I was between him and the mouse, but he looked at me and my face relaxed him. He reached for the controls and I rose up to meet his arm. He looked at once so confused and so comfortable, I knew my advances were going to meet their mark. I kissed each button of his shirt, and then the top button of his fly. I’m sure my face gave away my pride when I was able to open it with my lips—Heather and I had practiced, but some brands of jeans were not cooperative. I looked up, and he was in awe, but still on edge. I pulled a condom from my coat pocket, tore open the packet, and said “because I really don’t know you, after all.” He was the conscientious type, Heather had told me, and she’d been right, because now his hands unfroze, freed his cock from his boxer briefs. I rolled the condom on, up his excited cock, looked him in the eye, and said, “Don’t worry, we’ll take it off in time for you to cover my face with your thick hot cum.”

He stiffened up even more, and I dove my mouth all the way to the base. He was thrilled but motionless—his dream coming true without any input from him. Gagging on his cock, I grabbed his right hand pressed it to my head. I moved his left hand down my shirt, I sucked his cock fast and deep, and I wrapped my palms around his surprisingly tight ass. Heather had remarkable self-control, his body was beautiful.

I hated the taste of latex, honestly, but his cock felt so good even through the condom that I didn’t mind. I choked a little more than usual when I took him deep, but I knew he only liked it better that way. Faster and harder, my goodness his was cock amazing, and I could feel his excitement in his hand against my head and in the base of his cock as my lips wrapped around it, slammed against his bone.

I peeked up to see his head rolled back, his eyes clenched shut—he had finally forgotten himself. I felt his cock start to throb, and he finally found a word, “ohgawdI’mgoingtocum!” I kept my mouth around his head as I slipped the condom off, firm pressure from my hands on his shaft, and started to build him up again. I knew he didn’t care what I thought, but I couldn’t hide my smile. It felt so amazing to grant the deepest wish of a deserving man I’d never met. I wanted his cum across my face as badly as he wanted to cum. Harder and harder, he moved a hand to my hand to guide his shot, and his cock pulsed, erupted across my forehead and my glasses. He was gasping, but he pulled me up to politely kiss my lips. I thanked him, he thanked me, and pointed me to the bathroom to tidy up as he buttoned up his jeans.

He wanted to ask my name, but, wise as he was, decided not to ask as I smiled at him, walking out. Not bad, for my first hour in a new town.

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  1. OH I love the premise of fulfilling someone’s fantasy just because.. this was hot and now I need to figure out how to get my man home..

  2. I agree with Angel, always nice to fulfill someone’s fantasy!!!

  3. Thanks for the comments, ladies!

  4. AirenWolf

    WOW ummm ya lucky guy!!

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