Woman’s Tattooes

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Woman’s Tattooes

Please note: These are not Woman’s feet.

I was never allowed to get a tattoo growing up.

It was simply forbidden.

Heck. Even press on tattoos were frowned upon in my house.

The rule of the house was, “When you have a steady income and you can pay for it on your own, and are a legal adult, you can do whatever you want.”

My sister was the first one of us to go out and get a tattoo. She got one on her lower back and in my family? Nicknames were easily dished out. Hell they still are. Where do you think my nickname of “China” came from??? For years she was known as “Ass Antlers” with her Celtic-esque brand spanking new tattoos.

Funniest thing was? She had to get them “retouched” on a frequent basis.

I’ve always fancied the notion of getting a tattoo on my ankle even as a little girl. Ok that is a lie. I was NEVER little. But every time when I went to go look at getting one, I was always told no I couldn’t get a tattoo that low on my ankle. They said the pain would be too intense.

It wasn’t until I was in China did I take up the notion once again about getting a tattoo. But I knew where I wanted mine. I wanted mine on my feet. Simply because, they were easily covered and put out of site if that need arose. And living in China? Well, at that time, only “hooligans” and “bad” people got tattoos.

My first tattoo was a polar bear claw on the side of my foot. Then a snowy owl tail feather and then an Inuksuk all in a line. I wanted a permanent reminder of where I came from as I was already living in China.

The next set of tattoos I decided on were all of a Chinese design. Dragons and phoenixes decorated my feet, one for each year I have been here. Each design became more ornate, more intricate where it has even gotten to the point where many people just think that I have four or five rather than twelve as they all can be joined together; sortof a representation of my time here in China. Each dragon, each phoenix stands for a year I have been in China. Yes, I know, I am lacking three, but there hasn’t been any that have called to me.

My feet have become my canvas. My permanent souvenir of my time travelling. Not “time travelling” but my time I have spent travelling.

I now am sporting Chinese and Mongolian knots around my ankle. However; it is incomplete. Yup. Two years ago I went to get it, I knew what I wanted around my lower ankle. And six hours later??? She was not yet finished. Only half finished. But in the six hours she was working on me? I passed out twice. Broke her chair. Hurled. And was extremely pale and clammy.
Yup. Me being my silly self decided I could take the pain. Obviously… I really cannot take that much pain in one go! And I’ve even had vaginal surgery!!!! I’d go for another round of having my labia stretched, pulled, cut up so I cannot even wear pants or sit for a week over completing this tattoo I tell you!!!!!

I know. I have to go back one of these days.

One of these days I will get that anklet finished. But the thought of them going over the back of my ankle over that tendon, over my inner ankle… I am just not looking forward to that pain!!!! The recoup was a bitch. Getting it was a pain in my whole body and I’d even take the food poisoning for a week over the pain of getting it done.


I started it.

And I have to finish it one of these days.

Be brave Woman! Suck it up and get ‘er done!!!!!

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