Workshop: P-spot

Sep 26, 2011 by

Workshop: P-spot

A little over two years ago, my dad had his prostate removed due to cancer. Seeing as my grand dad had testicular cancer I figured I needed to do all I can to promote my prostate heath. Along with eating the right foods, I looked to Google to find out what else could be done. One topic that kept popping up was prostate massage/milking; using a finger or sex toy to massage the prostate from inside the rectum.

Now, I am no stranger to my anal area and my fingers have been up there since I was still in school. Funny that I never really knew why that felt good during masturbation, I only knew that along with the extra stimulation, I also would have a lot more ejaculate. Oh ya, the orgasms are some of the best I have ever had going solo.

For the guys (and gals that want to do it to their man) looking to try P-spot massage but are not sure how or where to start, I put together a workshop just for you. We will look into the what, where, how and why along with a couple of video’s for a visual aid. I’ll show the different kinds of toys that are available and the ones I use. We’ll also talk about lube and safety and how to prepare.

So please join me October 3rd at 8pm EST on the EdenFantasys forum as we delve into the stimulating world of prostate massage/milking.

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