Workshop Wrap-Up: Prostate Massage 101

Oct 13, 2011 by

Workshop Wrap-Up: Prostate Massage 101

For my third work shop, Prostate massage 101, I had a good turnout. About 30 folks joined in for a good night of learning the basics. Questions were asked and answers given and all learned a thing or two. I thought the best responses were from ladies telling me they were happy to learn that they were doing things somewhat right; they just did not have the right techniques. Like most things, everyone is different so trying new things is always a good idea.

One thing I found interesting, out of the thirty folks that showed up, only four were guys. As we know not many guys review for EF so it made some sense. The fact that so many gals were interested really shows the level of commitment they have towards pleasing their guys. I sure do appreciate my wife for not only accepting my desire for anal/P-pot play but also her willingness to help. The closeness felt when a couple shares in any kind of sexual play cannot be beat, it’s even better when it is something new. I certainly hope those twenty six guys appreciate what their gals do for them.

I was so happy for the good turnout and the positive response to my work shop as I so enjoy doing them. Nothing like sharing experiences with folks, really, that’s one of the great things about life. You’ll never learn everything yourself, so anytime you can learn something new, it’s a fine day indeed.

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