Wrap-up: Review Program Workshop – Q&A and Video Reviews

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Wrap-up: Review Program Workshop – Q&A and Video Reviews

We had a great time at the last Review program workshop on the 22nd and talked about a variety of topics, from mentor program questions to assignments to video reviews. You can read the whole thing here: http://www.edenfantasys.com/sex-forum/clubs/workshops/workshop-wednesday-june/

We started with an intro to the workshop and had the usual welcoming chit chat back and forth. The first question of the night was about buy-out assignments. A new reviewer wanted to know if they were limited to their usual rank-based limit or if it went higher than that. I answered their question, but will share it here too. For a buy-out assignment, your rank doesn’t matter. For those who don’t know, a buy-out assignment is an option for an advanced reviewer to receive 30% off the product in exchange for their usual monthly review. One nice aspect of the buy-out option is that you can do it with more than one product in an order; but, each product counts as its own assignment and they all have to be in before you can request more assignments.

The main focus of the night was determined to be video reviews and tips on how to do better video reviews. The first general consensus was for the video reviewer to actually watch and critique their video before uploading it to EdenTube. You catch a lot of mistakes that way and it improves the general over-all quality of your review. And let’s face it; people would rather watch one very well done video instead of a dozen so-so videos. Another thing we talked about for video reviews is to be aware of your background. If you’re reviewing a white toy, your background should be a darker color. Lighting is important as well. This really depends on your shooting area, but be aware of natural lighting. I suggest using white light bulbs (not yellowed at all) to preserve the color of the product as much as possible. If you need to get more light to a particular area, a hinged (or articulated) desk lamp works well. We also agreed that a lot of mistakes like the above would be easy to catch if you watch your video review and fix what you can before uploading it.

Our next meeting is July 27th at 7pm eastern time.

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